Seven Witches - City Of Lost Souls
Massacre Records
Power Metal
10 songs (46'12)
Release year: 2000
Seven Witches, Massacre Records
Reviewed by Chris

Well well well. This is the first album I listen from Seven Witches and I must admit that I'm not impressed at all. Basically the band try to play some power metal here and I say try because I really don't understand how they could get a label with such great talents waiting for signing. Anyway the album contains absolutely no surprises and nothing original that you can say "hey! this is something I haven't heard before...". As for the music... well I'm not fund of their riffs, repetitive and boring if you ask me, as for the solos, well, perhaps on one or two songs they are OK, but they're not worth calling solos. The production is good and the vocalist, when he doesn't try to take a "witch" voice, can be nice and eventually sound like Dickinson from time to time (may Bruce forgive me for the comparison though). There's one song however on the album that is very nice (Hell Is For Children), actually this one is nice because it's really inspired from Iron Maiden but all that is not enough to save the day.

This is definitely I try before you buy, I personally didn't like it but it doesn't mean you won't !

Killing Songs :
Hell Is For Children
Chris quoted 44 / 100
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