Seven Witches - Passage to the Other Side
Noise Records
Heavy Metal
10 songs (48'20")
Release year: 0
Seven Witches, Noise Records
Reviewed by Jay

Jack Frost has a knack for being in some good bands, Metalium and Savatage to name some. He has also assembled a great group of musicians who have been in many other successful bands (Armored Saint, Fates Warning, and Helstar to name a few) this time. I say this time since the lineup of this band has not been constant for longer than an album. Seven Witches’ latest release “Passage to the Other Side” is an album that should turn a few heads.

It kicks off with “Dance with the Dead.” This song goes through a plodding, grinding intro that leads into what can only be called heavy metal. All the elements are in place: strong, driving guitar, thundering double bass kicks, booming low frequencies and crisp, sharp vocals. Jack Frost also shows off his talent with the solo on this song. Come to think of it, this album has remarkable solos on each track. “Mental Messiah” tests the limits of James Rivera’s vocal chords and I can say that he passes the test quite well. “Betrayed” is a song that will be a crowd favorite since the composition is ripe for audience participation. James Rivera’s voice on this track is very similar to Rob Halford and made me think of the song “Betrayal” on his latest album. Rivera’s voice sounds like a combination of Rob Halford and Dave Mustaine. Brian Craig’s drum work on this track also stands out well. He weaves his kicks well into this song. “Johnny” is another favorite. Joey Vera’s bass is the star of this track. Ultra-metallic sounding and booming, he makes sure his presence is known on this song. It is reminiscent of early Over Kill style bass. The chorus of this song easily embeds itself into your head and Frost’s solo is spot on once again. The title track is a change of pace as well. Slow and instrumental, it shows off Frost’s talent once again. Once the song gets started, there is march-like quality to it and I feel this album is the perfect way to end the album. A harder version of Def Leppard’sWasted” is included as a cover. Without loosing any of the vision of Def Leppard, Seven Witches makes this song their own. The song does not sound dated or cheesy and has the feel of listening to an 80’s era track which is what makes the cover so well planned. On a final note, I was slightly amused by the jazzy cymbal beat combined with the double bass kicks on “The Last Horizon.” It shows how Seven Witches really do bring many influences together as a unit.

Overall, this album is worth checking out. Fans of Iced Earth should take note as well as people who have enjoyed Jack Frost’s other work. A great effort by a good band.

Killing Songs :
Dance with the Dead, Johnny, Betrayed
Jay quoted 82 / 100
Danny quoted 90 / 100
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