Evergrey - Hymn For The Broken
AFM Records
Dark Progressive Metal
12 songs (61:00)
Release year: 2014
Evergrey, AFM Records
Reviewed by Joel
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Evergrey needs no introduction, but they are a band that has gone through changes in their decade and a half existence. With returning members, Henrik Danhage(guitars) and Jonas Ekdahl(drums), Evergrey has their definitive lineup back. Two members who left in 2010, leaving Tom S Englund wondering if the band still had a future. Thanks to an unplanned collaboration and the need for a second guitarist and a drummer for a live gig, Evergrey was reborn. So will this be the Evergrey of In Search Of The Truth/Recreation Day or the Evergrey of Monday Morning Apocalypse? As a fan I enjoyed all the releases, but In Search Of The Truth and especially Recreation Day were the two discs that got me into Evergrey.

A short atmospheric/instrumental called The Awakening starts things off, with the first single and video, King Of Errors next. This is everything fans come to expect, and you can watch it HERE. A New Dawn follows up with same intensity and melody. The stop and go riffs will keep you headbanging, while the choir vocals prior to the chorus add another layer of epicness, to a great song. If you ever heard an Evergrey ballad, the emotional vocals of Tom S. Englund, or the amazing guitar solos that are featured within the songs, then you are ready for Wake A Change. I would love to hear this song live! Archaic Rage has an epic feel to it, as it builds up for the first minute. The song really highlights Englund's vocals, his signature little bit of rasp and his wide vocal range. The proggy mid section of the song, is one of my favorite parts of the entire disc. Barricades is a track filled with atmosphere that features one hell of a guitar solo. From stop and go riffs to layers of arpeggios, and the previous mentioned solo, this is one of the finest examples of the band's talent.

Black Undertow continues the melodic mid-paced tempo the band has played throughout the most of the disc, while The Fire offers a few more dynamics, a variety of riffs, and even a children's choir near the beginning of the song. This song would have fit nicely on Recreation Day, somewhere right around End of Your Days and the title track. My favorite intro of the whole disc goes to the title track, with its sweeping melody of a guitar solo. Technical, melodic, and dynamic is a great way to describe the title track and its solos. The piano ballad, Missing You, is bittersweet. melancholy and very moving. The soulfulness of Englund's vocals, really grabs your attention. I am not going to say a lot about this track, but it is definitely one to listen too. The two longest tracks, are also the last two on the discs. With both tracks around the seven and a half minute mark, they both offer something different. The "chugging" riff of The Grand Collapse starts it off, with layers of atmospheric keyboards over it. Englund's vocals soaring over the music. A lot of dynamics to be heard in this song, and a great song to discover for yourself. Differentiating itself from the previous track, the closer, The Aftermath starts with acoustic guitars and piano. While I enjoyed Missing You, I like The Aftermath even more so. It is a very epic song, among one of the bands best.

I honestly believe this is rebirth for a great band, who may have had darker days. I am happy that Evergrey will continue on, and based on Hymns For The Broken, I hope this continues to only make them stronger. Definitely a contender, for at least one of my top albums of the year.
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Joel quoted 94 / 100
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