Evergrey - Evergrey, Shattered Sun and local support(Fierce Atmospheres and Legacy Black)
Live Gig

Release year: 2019
Reviewed by Joel
On September 7th I drove down to Joliet IL(southwest of Chicago) to see Evergrey, Shattered Sun, with local support coming from Fierce Atmospheres and Legacy Black. Legacy Black opened the show, a band who I recently discovered, who just put a new release, which you can find on most digital media. There is no one defining genre to describe this band, except for metal. Clint Davis, the singer and guitarist, who I saw previously opening for Circus Maximus in the band, Acracy. I already knew the quality of his guitar playing, but his singing also matches that. The rest of the band is also very talented, the rhythm section of Donovan Torres(bass) and Juan Cardenas, laid down a solid rhythm, with Torres’s six-string bass playing definitely standing out. Keyboardist Joyce Jenkins, added in the ambient effects and piano each song needed. All together, this was local support, that was worth being there early for, and becoming a fan of. You could see these headliners at every date on their tour, but I am pretty sure Legacy Black, would be one you would remember, thanks to their varied and sub-genre bending music. Look for them on social media on Facebook or the album I found on Apple Music/Itunes

Next was Fierce Atmospheres, was not sure what to expect with a name like that. They play a classic mix of NWOBHM to classic American and European Power Metal. Do they sound dated? I would not say that, but you can definitely hear their influences. They were definitely professionals on stage, with great musicianship, and Taran, the lead singer has the range and stage presence to go along with the music. While I was not familiar with any of their songs, I could get definitely get into them. Almost immediately I was drawn in by the twin guitar harmonies and solos. Not much more I can say about them, except for check them out on Facebook, if you want to know more.

Next came Shattered Sun, I discovered them around 2015, and it was a cover Testament’s Return to Serenity. A pitch perfect cover, while still adding their own style to it. Hope Without Hatred(2015) and Evolution of Anger(2017) are their last two releases, and they are of the melodic Modern Metal(core) subgenre. A similar comparison would be Shadows Fall, Killswitch Engage, All That Remains. Not exactly a sound, that makes you think of them as a perfect band to tour with Evergrey. Though I was excited, cause I wanted to see them, as my taste in metal, is pretty much anything with great guitar/instrumental playing. This is a band who deserves to be heard next to all of the bands I mentioned above, and with bands like In Flames and Soilwork on the other side of the pond. Great musicianship, and stage presence from their lead singer, Marcos. Check out their latest video on YouTube, for Shades of Melodie, and if you like them, support them!M

Finally came the mighty Evergrey, with most of the setlist coming from their last three releases. The first two songs came from their latest, The Atlantic, with A Silent Arc, and the powerful Weightless. The next two came from their previous release, The Storm Within, Passing Through and The Fire followed up, and the singer, Tom Englund, found time to talk with the crowd, who were at a frenzied high. They were exactly as I remembered them when I saw them last in 2014. A great band, with great songs, that sound exactly as they do on their recordings. The band next followed up with the first track of 2011’s The Glorious Collision, Leave It Behind Us, a song that took me a second to remember. The emotional Black Undertow from 2014’s Hymns For The Broken followed, and it was definitely one of the highlights for me of the set. My Allied Oceans off The Atlantic followed, for a nice one-two punch of melodic Evergrey. Keeping with another emotional and powerful song, the set finished with the ballad, All I have. The band took a short break, and returned for the encore. Which was three songs, and a guitar/keyboard solo break. The set started with one of my favorite songs of the band, from the title of one of my favorite releases, Recreation Day. Transporting me back nearly sixteen years, to when I first discovered it, it made me very happy to see this song in the setlist. The previously mentioned instrumental break followed by, The Inner Circle’s, A Touch Of Blessing, which is another Evergrey staple to their live show. Hymns For The Broken, King of Errors closed out the show, and it was third time seeing the band live, first time since 2014(in Chicago), and they were as good live as I remembered. Prior to the show I had the pleasure of speaking with Johan(Bass) and Rikard(Keys) before the show. A show I will not forget for a long time, and well worth the 2 hour plus drive!

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