Krieg - Transient
Black Metal
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Krieg, Candlelight
Reviewed by Neill
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Krieg is a long standing American Black metal band that has had it's place in the scenic since the early/mid 90's. It seems Krieg has not quite got the attention or love that sone other bands in the scene have, but I have always found them to be top notch, and have never heard anything I didn't like. Now, the band has returned after a 4 year absence to unleash their new album. The band has had various members over the years, and this album is no different. However, this album feels like a really complete version, and they have released an album I feel will be in heavy rotation for some time.

The album has some really great moments, and the first few tracks are exactly what you would hope for. Fast, heavy, and angry. Vocalist N. Imperial has always impressed me (with this, and his various other projects/contributions over the years) and his vocals do not let down the listener. Full of vitriol, they are perfect for the music played underneath. The guitars have a dark tone, and the drums add a great groove at times, while also being able to unleash and show great intensity. The bass is thick, and adds a deep feeling to the record as well. Return Fire is a perfect example of these elements coming together, and punish the listener from the opening seconds. The electronics in the album are also well done. They are not used to the point of distraction, but rather add a nice element to the music, and add extra layers, making the album feel more complete, and helps it stand out from other bands in the scene.

To Speak With Ghosts gives us our first look at what we would be hearing later in the album. The track is a bit slower, even a little doomy/sludgy sounding to me at times, with some great drumming. While the next two tracks are by no means weak, I do feel the album really picks up and is taken to another level at track 7, a cover of the Amebix track Winter. The band really made the track their own. The vocals change between screamed vocals and shouted, almost spoken word vocals and add a nice change to the album. Musically, the track feel even darker than the preceding tracks, and the drums really shine. The rest of the album is just as impressive, and again, takes the record to another level. Walk With Them Unnoticed is a more laid back track musically. Featuring a fairly simple groovy sound for the first half and again to end the track. It is again, a nice change of pace, and blends in well with the faster section that comes in later. The electronics/synths get a chance to really add a layer to this track and make it stand out on the album. The melody throughout out the song is possibly my favorite on any Krieg record.

Speaking of electronics, Ruin Our Lives has a long electronic section that comes in slightly before the halfway point. It did seem like a jarring transition to me, but there is some really interesting things going on before the song kicks back in at full force. Another big surprise on the album (and a very welcomed one), is the penultimate track Home. This was probably the most surprising to me, as it a spoken word track, and features the voice of Dwid from the band Integrity and Thurston Moore , who has been involved with various projects (including working with Imperial on the most recent Twilight album). The track almost reminds me of the title track Last City Zero from the Corrections House record. Not musically, or even lyrically necessarily, but in feeling. The electronics and atmosphere in the background (including a nice acoustic guitar) along with the cadence of the voices, really feel introspective, and make you stop what you're doing to focus, and really think. It has worked it's way to being one of my biggest highlights on the album.

There is just so much going on this record. Every instrument is played wonderfully, Imperial's vocals are top notch and the song writing, flow of the album, and everything in between is just great. This is easily becoming one of my favorite records of the year, and I think a really full, complete sounding Krieg album. There's enough experimentation and nuances in the record to keep things sounding fresh throughout, and there are various layers, making you hear something different each time you listen. I cannot recommend this higher, and this should be on many year end lists come December. Just an all around incredible piece of metal. Please check out the opening track here and be sure to pick this up when it comes out.

Killing Songs :
To Speak With Ghosts, Atlas With a Broken Arm, Winter, Walk With Them Unnoticed, Home
Neill quoted 90 / 100
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