Krieg - Patrick Bateman
5 songs (14:50)
Release year: 2004
Reviewed by Daniel

After the amazing The Black House, Krieg offer us this American Psycho inspired EP, Patrick Bateman. Those of you familiar with this American horde surely noticed the way the band changed their musical direction with The Black House creating a more organized variation of their sound, making the song-writing more focused and more straight-oriented. Well, in Patrick Bateman we find Krieg moving back to their noise/Black sound with very thick riffing and dense walls of sound, a very powerful rhythmic section and that kind of improvisational feeling you get from the early releases. Imperial’s vocals are amazing as always, with that very sick and desperate edge we all have come to admire and the production is very raw, with a nice emphasis on the percussive/rhythmic section.

It’s obvious that Krieg’s objective for the album wasn’t to create songs per se, but to create a very chaotic atmosphere and a very powerful ritual via the music. It’s kind of like the materialization of a psycho’s thoughts (Patrick Bateman) into music: unorganized, violent and sick. This album needs to be taken as what it is; so don’t expect anything close to easy-listening or any catchy moments, in fact the album is devoid of any tangible structure; the objective of this album is to transmit an absolute feeling of chaos and madness, more than to present a collection of songs.

People into Krieg will find the album interesting and will consider it a success if it’s purpose is understood; as for the rest of you, I would recommend buying The Black House, then Destruction Ritual if you’re intereted in this band, and then get Patrick Bateman. Apart from that, this album won't appeal to the vast majority.

Killing Songs :
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