Underground Moon - Underground Moon
Revolution Entertainment
Industrial / Alternative Metal
11 songs (41'13)
Release year: 2002
Reviewed by Chris

Well, I not a supporter of Nu metal and commercial stuff but even so I'm open-minded and I acknowledge the fact that there's good music in every style (within and outside metal boundaries), so let's get on with it and see if this applies to this debut album (I think).

Musically I'd say that the band contains the elements of metal (guitars, drums,....) but doesn't use it much in that way and although I'm open-minded, I think that this isn't something very original. The band have a few good riffs, a few nice melodies then and there, some progressive transitions. But lets face it, there's no attraction in these songs, and they all sound the same and there's quickly a boring taste that installs in your mind while listening to this CD. The use of distorted vocals most of the time doesn't help. The commercial orientation makes this album go far far away from the boundaries of metal sometimes, using strange keys, and always heavy grungy metal riffs that seems to be some kind of mandatory trademark to figure on MTV under metal or something. I reckon that there are a few interesting moments, and a few good songs like Suicidal Maze, the cover of Midnight Oil's Beds Are Burning or the finale Open Circles. Although I'm not much fan of the style, I still love good music when I hear it, and unfortunately, most of the time here this isn't it. Half the songs are truly boring and the rest are pretty medium, except a few moments and the mentioned songs.

So despite the excellent production, it seems to me that these guys should drop a bit the effects on vocals, drop the commercial cheesy touch and improve their song writing. Until then, this is only for lovers of the genre, with an "A+" in open-minded personality. They can certainly do better.

Killing Songs :
Suicidal Maze & Open Circles are cool songs, but I wouldn't call them killers.
Chris quoted 54 / 100
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