Thoten - Beyond The Tomorrow
Scarlet Records
Heavy Metal
11 songs (67'10)
Release year: 2002
Scarlet Records
Reviewed by Danny

Thanks to Metallian (French heavy metal mag'), I discover a new band on their promotional metal-cd coming from Brazil : a heavy metal band called Thoten and the song was Above The Law. As I like this song very much and as I was lucky (???) enough to fall on this album in Milan, I jumped on Beyond The Tomorrow ... without giving at least one spin to the full record. In fact, having discovered on the booklet that Kiko Loureiro (Angra) has produced this one, I was simply confident about the quality of these Brazilians metallers. What a mistake !!!

I am wondering how Loureiro has accepted to produced such a sh... . Sometimes I can clearly recognize Iron Maiden and when it comes to progressive bridges, which are a complete disaster as everybody is not Steel Prophet, I have the feeling to hear Styx. Well believe me, Styx and Iron Maiden hardly goes together ... so what is left at the end, is an enormous "copy-paste" that cannot be digested.

The singer, who must have a tattoo of Bruce Dickinson somewhere on his body, should sing his way ... not the fashion way. He is out of tune on almost every song (expect unfortunately for me on Above The Law). I could also mentioned Fates Warning as a direct influence, but Thoten lost themselves (alone !!!) in complex song writing, which brings you just one thing : a big big enormous headache. Just listen to the sound of the keyboards and you will understand what I mean. Darling, could you please bring me an aspirin ;-(

In other words, go back to work because except Above The Law, there is nothing interesting in Beyond The Tomorrow. Ah and just before I go, stop demonstrate guys that you know how to use instruments (guitars & keyboards especially) as the best metal bands write songs, they don't overbuild solos and structures just to fill CDs. I hope you understand the message.

Why the hell did I bought this awful CD ???

Killing Songs :
Above The Law
Danny quoted 35 / 100
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