Rough Silk - Symphony Of Life
Breaker Records
Hard Rock
12 songs (71'22)
Release year: 2001
Reviewed by Dom

Rough Silk is a band based in Germany's rock capital Hannover. In the 80s the Germany was recognized as metal land with a band such as Scorpions and Accept. We reproached them their typical musical style, direct, no compromise and without delicacy. Rough Silk was at the beginning of what I can named the New Wave Of Germany Heavy Metal. This wave saw the birth of many bands as Bonfire, Craaft, Kingdom, Axxis, Pink Cream 69 and many others. These bands would like to pull off the label "Metal made in Germany" stick on them. They reached out a finest music, intelligent lyrics and a complexe musical architecture. They didn't fear to put in it, a lot of amazing keyboards who gave a great atmosphere.

Bring back to the subjet: Rough Silk. In the beginning of their career their great reputation as a Live-act gave them the chance to open up for many bands such as Saxon, Deep Purple, Accept, Helloween, Dio, Axxis, Whitesnake, Fates Warning and Savatage in 1999. Touring with Savatage permitted to create a solid relationship between them and Jon Oliva (singer of Savatage). You can feel and listen to the Savatage's touch on their seventh album named 'Symphony Of Life'. At the first listening, I was a little bit disappointed, because its seemed to me that was a big melting pot without a red line. I had the impression to listen to a sampler of what the best rock'n'roll bands can give to you: Guns N' Roses, Elton John, Queen, The Beatles, Meat Loaf, Savatage and many more… You had the chance to listen to an extract of the 'Tango de la morte' too! I could file this album under progressive music!

At the reading of lyrics during a lot of listening, I was seduced by the concept album. This album tell the story of a man who search the truth around the world. Sometimes he's between heaven and hell, don't know what he should think, what to do… The track 'Lucifer' with Jon Oliva (Savatage) is a pure jewell and really reflected the state of mind of this man who heard a strange story about an alliance between Lucifer and God at the beginning of the 21st century. 'Symphony Of Life' open the concept album. The strange ambiance gives the ton of the whole album. 'Savannah' with its big chorus stick forever in your mind and the rage blows out of 'Under The Guillotine' prove that Rough Silk can be the bad boys of rock'n'roll.

It's a good album for me, not the best one of Rough Silk, but it had the advantage to be very different from the others! I can advise you to give it a try!

Killing Songs :
Savannah, Lucifer, Under The Guillotine, Symphony Of Life
Dom quoted 74 / 100
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