Enabler - Flies
The Compound/Earsplit Distro
Metallic Hardcore
5 songs (13:29)
Release year: 2013
Reviewed by Koeppe

Enabler is a band I hold close to my heart after years of house shows and small bars seeing them play. Having reviewed their two full-lengths, I hopped on the new EP. I wasn’t so impressed with the production on their last EP, Shift of Redemption; it simply sounded too clean and polished. This album however is a great return to form albeit a shortened form.

The instrumental intro track, Switch, showcases what the band does; Jeff Lohrber plays a widdly riff a la Converge in front of well-timed heavy hitting drums. The title track snaps necks as Jeff unleashes some fury with his pissed off shouting. The drum sound isn’t perfect, but note that it’s not Hurley of Fallout Boy. Meaningless Life continues the rampage, not relenting from the previous track till the breakdown. Jeff shreds a sick solo leading into a steady breakdown that ends with furious kick bass and riff punctuated by Jeff’s shouts. Easily one of the strongest moments on the album. Sickened by the Wake is a step down in intensity with a bit more of a punk vibe to it, a chorus centered around shouting the title. Sleep Forever is surely a continuation of the theme from the previous album All Hail the Void that refers to the film, They Live. The track centers around a chugging riff in contrast to Jeff’s sharper notes, with moments in which the drums and guitar matching pace with one another. The track closes with a solo, preparing for the final track on the album.

And it is a cover. Their cover of Sepultura’s Arise is interesting. Purists might hate it, but Jeff’s characteristic riffage really stands out in the track. I think it adds a unique twist to a pretty awesome cover. The drumming is spot on even if the snare sound is tad dull. Sadly, I have not seen these dudes live since moving east or surely I would have lost my cool in a pit screaming “I SEE THE WORLD—OLD! I SEE THE WORLD—DEAD!” It’s Enabler covering Sepultura ultimately; it’s fucking heavy. Jeff knows his metal, having played in so many bands from Shai Hulud to Today is the Day; it is cool to hear him take a new spin on a classic and really make it his own.

These guys and lady play a brutal strand of metal. They write nasty riffs and bring a visceral intensity back to death metal that is sometimes lost in the murk of technicality. No longer on Southern Lord’s band roster, the dudes are seeking to raise funds for the production of their next album. If you feel like contributing, you can purchase the EP here.

Killing Songs :
Arise, Meaningless Life
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