A Fucking Elephant - Seven Inches
Nefarious Industries
Instrumental Noise
2 songs (7:44)
Release year: 2013
Reviewed by Koeppe

This experimental metal duo, A Fucking Elephant, stepped into the studio with acclaimed producer (and musician) Colin Marston of Krallice, Dysrhythmia, and Behold… The Arctopus fame to produce this interesting slice of technical jamming. Where the name might lead one to think of thick grind riffs that can bust down walls, these guys opt for a different route that leaves you smashed, relying on intricate riffs and relentless drumming to wiggle their way into your brain and get your head bobbing.

Opening track, I'm Addicted to Drugs and Sex and I Want You to Choke Me, begins with a widdling progressive riff before nasty thicker chords bust through and take over. Back to the original riff albeit a little deeper and the drumming becomes a little more spastic, and before that double kick drum kicks in they have you caught with their ode to erotic asyphxiation. The b-side, A Bunch of Good Looking Roundeyes, isn’t quite as intriguing as the initial track, but relies on the same type of technical/progressive riff that one might expect in a more rock-oriented version of Dysrhythmia without the punch that the first track had. It’s less dynamic math rock sound simply doesn’t interest me like the other track’s thicker riff does.

This was my first encounter with this band, and seven minutes doesn’t quite let you know how a full length would sound. I would be interested in how it would sound, though. Marston really stretches as much as he can out of their sound in that short time span, but it ultimately leaves me wanting more.

Killing Songs :
I'm Addicted to Drugs and Sex and I Want You to Choke Me
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