Mammoth Mammoth - Volume III: Hell's Likely
Napalm Records
Stoner Rock
7 songs (31:47)
Release year: 2012
Napalm Records
Reviewed by Koeppe

If you're looking for some great party tunes, look no further. These Aussies closely resemble the sound of upstart Red Fang moreso than the staple bands of stoner rock like Queens of the Stone Age or Kyuss. It’s not as if these guys are wholly different than those bands, because they’re not, but Mammoth Mammoth just has a grittier sound to themselves. That fact is an awesome fact, because if there is anything I need more in my life is more Southern-tinged riff fests as exemplified by the Fang and apparently these guys.

The catchiness of the album resides in its ability to churn out infectious grooves of the supposed retro variety that points to some non-existent past when everyone wrote amazing riffs. The album opens with a stomper in the title track with the chorus being a fun set of the chants, “Hell’s Likely! Hell’s Likely!”, a delightful meditation with brutal honesty on the seemingly apathetic or vacuous state of the phrase ‘hell yeah’. Go may open up with distortion reminiscent of Sleep, but before long the band kicks up another delightful riff that will surely bring a smile to, rather than crushing, your face. Tracks, Bare Bones and Sitting Pretty keep up a similar quick almost punk tempo. In some ways, I wish they had been a tad more experimental in their solos and truly jammed out on some of these shorter tunes, but alas that never happens. The band is just too busy cranking out the good times with these shorter tracks.

(Up All Night) Demons to Fight represents the band’s willingness to follow the stoner doom route, slowing down the riff and being much more willing to chug, yet they never lose that American Southern rock fist pumpin’ vibe they established early on. The longer song length does give them a chance to truly stretch their wings, but it is never anything new, just simply a deeper incursion into their already demonstrated skill set.

Ultimately, these guys are really great. I highly recommend this album to folks who like stoner whether it be the heavier variety of High on Fire or the more rock version of QotSA, or for those who just want more Red Fang tunes in their life. For those of us who dwell in the gnarliest realms of metal, sometimes it is nice to come out into the light and enjoy some good ol’ party tunes with a beer in hand.

Killing Songs :
Hell’s Likely, (Up All Night) Demons to Fight, I Want It Too
Koeppe quoted 70 / 100
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