Burning Love - Rotten Thing To Say
Southern Lord
Hardcore Punk
14 songs (34:50)
Release year: 2012
Southern Lord
Reviewed by Koeppe

Hardcore is a vague tag to place on a band these days, given the diversity in the genre. What Burning Love brings here is the classic hardcore punk sound a la Black Flag whilst being willing to play classic rock n’ roll chops, providing them with a similar energy to MC5 and The Stooges. Burning Love wear their heart on their sleeve, bringing a fun intensity that can hardly be matched in either the hardcore or the metal scene.

After a swirling drone effect, the intro track kicks into a rocking riff that will set the tone for the rest of the album to follow. The band performs the hardcore sound in the track, Tremors, which seems over before it even started at only thirty-eight seconds long. Compared to the rest of the album, it seems a limiting exercise to them. Other tracks, at least, hit a minute and a half giving you some classic punk tracks with frantic drumming and straight-forward, simple riffs. No Love and Superstitious Friend thrive on the vitalistic energy that the band is able to put on record. Superstitious Friend relies on a classic punk riff and catchy hooks yet following the chorus the guitars show off their ability to churn out some rockin’ licks.

Where the band really shines, in my book, is when they are able to create a darker vibe through slowing the pace down and telling a horrific tale through the lyrics, as in Karla or The Body. The band utilizes a heavier, hardcore sound in order to tell true crime serial killer tales and you can’t help but yell “BODIES IN THE BASEMENT PILING UP” as the story of the abduction, murder and rape of young girls unfolds.

For all the great riffs and drumming, what really makes the band stand out is Chris Colohan’s, formerly of Cursed, presence. Especially in a live setting, but even on this Kurt Ballou produced recording that sounds much crisper than their debut, his intensity stands out. The gang chants take a hold of you and you can’t help but participate. During their set on the Southern Lord Summer Tour 2012, everyone in the crowd was losing their minds singing along and Colohan thrived off of that energy. He is easily one of the most charismatic and simply the best frontmans in the business while still being personable as if he was a buddy of mine at a house show. And this recording captures that sentiment. Everything about this album is catchy, energetic and fun. Providing that in addition to a technically sound album that blends heavy metal, punk, rock n’roll and hardcore into a seamless package makes Burning Love a band that everyone should have on their radar.

Killing Songs :
No Love, Superstitious Friend, Karla, Made Out of Apes, Hateful Comforts
Koeppe quoted 85 / 100
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