Aura Noir - Black Thrash Attack
Malicious Records
Blackened Thrash Metal
10 songs (42:13)
Release year: 1996
Aura Noir
Reviewed by Tony
Archive review
It seems as if Aura Noir wished to leap from the gates with this one. The maniacal Norwegians have been on my radar for some time but have eluded the grasp of effervescent credit account until now. This being their debut, Black Thrash Attack was one of the first albums to incorporate Black Metal sounds in a Thrash Metal delivery. Bands like Destroyer 666 and Grimfist can hail these seasoned vets of Blackened Thrash. In a genre that is so beyond brutal, blasphemy punctuated by a mosh friendly assault, Aura Noir made it obvious what they were looking for. With their debut, Black Thrash Attack, I am whiplashed into the discography of Aura Noir for the first time.

Goat mentioned the small yet dedicated following to an underappreciated genre that Aura Noir have as fans. If fans of other fringe genres of Extreme Metal took the chance to enjoy the grit and intensity of Black Thrash Attack, these guys might gain some more fans.

The band tend to be even more Thrash friendly than most Blackened Thrash bands. It is almost as if the band took Pleasure to Kill and warped it into an even more blackened form. There is no revolutionary talent here on any instrument, just a few guys who wanted to blend their favorite genres. They do so favorably, as sometimes it isn’t the shredding guitar or virtuosic drums that make the album, but the actual vibe and excitement. This is more true in Black Metal than any other genre of music, a niche that Aura Noir find themselves in. This is not to say that they suck, because they are talented. It is more about the violence and the punctuality of the music than their own musical journey. Much like the olden Kreator, it is more of the atmosphere than the refined modernity of the current body of work. Black Thrash Attack is in fact more legible than the aforementioned influence, but it still bears so many qualities. This is a fun album, and is likely a gateway to a more extensive exploration into their discography. Quality work around. Fun, violent, extreme. An adamantly powerful debut

Killing Songs :
Sons of Hades, Caged Wrath, Destructor
Tony quoted 87 / 100
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