Cardiant - Midday Moon
Marquee/Avalon Records
Melodic Power Metal
14 songs (52'32)
Release year: 2005
Reviewed by Olivier
Archive review

Cardiant is a Finnish Power Metal band that was formed in early 2000’s. The band first struggled for years before getting into shape eventually and make things happen. Problems went from difficulties to find a permanent lead singer (session singer Janne Saksa (backing vocals for Battlelore and Turisas notably) had to be hired for the needs of the first album), to failing to release their debut Midday Moon in Europe; as it was unfortunately released in Japan only.
Unfortunately I say, because this album was to me as sweet as a fair maiden kiss under a bright starry sky, and truly should be widely known and should meet a lot more praise.

Midday Moon comes from the same vein of this Melodic Power Metal tradition you can find in Finland. Think of a less grandiloquent Stratovarius, with a singer who doesn’t try to reach high notes or do anything powerful or spectacular, but only caresses your ears and let the guitar and synth do the dirty work. Janne Saksa’s vocals have made quite an impression on me on this album. His voice has nothing special, and he is not an especially gifted vocalist either, but the man fits perfectly. The way he delivers the words is dreamy, calm, sweet, and at times a bit eerie (but the latter might be just me). There. You basically get the idea of what Midday Moon’s era Cardiant is about.

The whole album is rock-solid Melodic Power Metal. The guitar is precise and technical at times, and backed with highly skilled yet discrete enough synthesizer. Therefore if you are of sound constitution and into this kind of music, you should be singing the choruses at loud before even knowing it. It is impossible not to get entranced by the slowly built up In Anger, the breath taking Light’n’Smoke (now there’s some serious skill in that song), the anthemics Already Known and Chance To Change, or the absolutely otherworldy, insanely catchy Etyde Light. And I am only naming a few songs here, but to do this album justice I should honestly almost name them all.

Oh, everything is not perfect though. If I had to nitpick a little, I would say the album lacks a bit of variety, that both instrumentals don’t add much and could have been blended into other tracks, and that the lyrics scale from average to OK at best. But let’s face it, who listens to this kind of Power Metal for the lyrics? Right. Nobody.

So there you go, with a marvel named Midday Moon to discover if you haven’t already. Lucky you! Their second album Tomorrow’s Daylight (2009) is a major drop in quality though (which was to be expected since both the line up and the label changed since Midday Moon), so if you are new to this band, please be sure to hear this one first. And my friend, you’re in for a treat.

Killing Songs :
Royal Stranger, Falcon Eye, In Anger, Light’n’Smoke, Already Known, Etyde Light, Chance To Change, To Be, Brontophobia
Olivier quoted 89 / 100
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