Antithesis - Dying For Life
Massacre Records
US Power Prog
10 songs (62'00)
Release year: 2001
Antithesis, Massacre Records
Reviewed by Paul

Antithesis is a band from Cleveland, Ohio formed in the Summer of '97 by Sean Perry the guitarist. Dying For Life is Antithesis second album. Their first album called Antithesis came out in 1998 on the label Nightmare Records from Lance King (Balance Of Power).

Their influences are coming from bands of the 80's like Mercyful Fate, Racer X or progressive bands like Fates Warning and Queensr├┐che. Antithesis sounds definitely like a band should sound in the years 2000. It is a mixture between old school US metal, actual US or European power metal and prog. The band follows the path of other bands like Jacobs Dream or Fates Warning showing a comeback of such classical metal.

Dying For Life was recorded in the highly-reputated Mars studios in Cleveland the home city of the band. It was issued in 2000 in the States and it is now finally also available in Europe through Massacre Records who spot the bands capacity and potential. So this is the remastered European version of Dying For Life with a new cover and bonus track.

The weak point is the voice of the singer Try Cook (does his name mean that he's a bad cook ;-)) ?? which has a limited voice especially in the heights. Ok it is a power band but also a prog band, and do you ever have seen a prog band with a singer who can't sing very high?????? I think everybody gets the point here...

So we will see in the future if Massacre Records have made a clever move by taking Antithesis under their protection, because of the band's potential to be developed. This album could have a good acceptance in the European true and power metal scene. I am thinking about countries such as Germany and Sweden...

Killing Songs :
Dying For Life (9'12)
Paul quoted 70 / 100
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