Antithesis - Antithesis
US Heavy Metal (with progressive elements)
10 songs (49'50)
Release year: 1998
Antithesis, Intromental
Reviewed by Danny

The first 10 seconds (music & vocal) will remind you one band : Judas Priest...and Rob Alford. Ty Cook (Anthithesis' singer) is very closed to Rob Alford, but this is only true for the first song (Netherworld). Antithesis' music changes to a more complex music (keyboards and guitars fighting each other à la Symphony X or Kenziner style) and their style is quiet progressive (Fate Warning, Nevermore). US typical guitar sound and melodies are placed on first row, but the mixture with neoclassical heavy metal brings another dimension to this heavy metal sound.
I am not a big fan of progressive break inside an heavy metal song, but I must admit that Antithesis does it well without "killing" the spirit of the song, without being too technical, too complicated. However, from the first "Judas Priest" song, to the third one which is more progressive (Fates Warning) and to the forth song which is a typical aggressive US power metal song, Antithesis will have to "chose" its direction for the next one . Those songs are good and it highlights the potential of Antithesis and the quality of the song-writing. For sure this album won't be boring at all (with all those metal styles), but I think it is the typical "trap" of the first album. Somehow, all the influence have to be "digested" and I think the potential is here for a new comer.
Something in between Iron Maiden, Nevermore and Steel Prophet, or should I say Fate Warning. It is funny, even this album is two years older (1998), it reminds me last Jacobs Dream album. Well done guys, but I am sure that something even better is about to come soon.......

Killing Songs :
Netherworld, Sword Of Mouth, The Web
Danny quoted 77 / 100
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