Excalion - High Time
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Melodic Metal
11 songs (48'01)
Release year: 2010
Excalion, Limb Music Products
Reviewed by Chris
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I was particularly surprised with Excalion second album (my first exposure to the band) Waterlines. Came 2010 and a new album, and sadly it didn't really grab me enough after the initial listen to warrant returning to it properly to write a review. So today I decided I would give it another couple of attentive listens and make up my mind about my thoughts about this album.

What I like(d) the most in Excalion has to be their vocals and the sheer energy of the songs, at least on Waterlines. I thought the band had a great vibe back then and somehow, upon first listen back in 2010 High Time didn't really made an impact. On this effort more than on the previous album I find myself judging each song mostly for it's lack of originality or at least some sort of missing hook. In general it's good melodic metal acking too much into Hard Rock territory now, but I find the songs to be a little too common (too easy even) and don't grab me as much as they did before. I think it misses some greatness and some highlights to bring you back to listening to it more regularly in contrast with songs like Yoevartiv (or whatever it's called :), the Finish version of Arriving As the Dark) that I had to put on my all-time favorite compilation if only for it's sheer enthusiastic bombasticness. There is not a single song that even remotely approaches the English version, let alone the Finish one on High Time. While they are some okay songs none are really big highlights and I really miss their past energy. The song-writing is also a bit too predictable and maybe also too slow or mellow if you prefer. Guitar wise the band also seems to be chosen a slower approach, for whatever reason. Overall the album seems a little uninspired while a few songs "save" the day like Bring on the Storm, Lifetime or Foreversong, these are too few to really categorize the album as truly enjoyable. Take Bring On The Storm , even that song seems like it's being restrained from greatness and doesn't really takes on the high I feel it could have had. At mid-point of the album I almost feel like hitting stop and calling it a day. Everything is too medium, guitars riffs are uninspired, vocals are great but their melodies aren't anything special, the rhythm section is only there because it's needed and can be incredibly dull sometimes (listen to Quicksilver and concentrate on drums, you'll see what I mean), and there are very, very few surprises or shining moments.

It is not to say that High Time is a bad album, but unfortunately it never really ventures away from forgettable to really make any sort of impact, and with high expectations from the previous album, it failed to deliver punchier and faster songs one would expect. The album is mostly mid-tempos, reminding me (somehow) of a compilation of mostly forgettable songs. The third album is usually what makes or breaks a band, or so some people say, this one is a mitigated of not bad but not good either collection of songs that can, as a whole, be easily forgotten. I really hope Excalion bounces back and find their energy and punch again in the future, as I really like their vocalist and Waterlines had really quite many great songs. In the end this is an album that would probably have required (much) more work...

Killing Songs :
I wouldn't call them killers but I enjoyed : Sun Stones, Bring On The Storm, Firewood, Lifetime, A Walk on a Broken Road & Foreversong.
Chris quoted 67 / 100
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