Excalion - Waterlines
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Melodic / Power Metal
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Release year: 2007
Excalion, Limb Music Products
Reviewed by Chris
Surprise of the month

Another band from Finland, Excalion is playing some old mighty melodic Power Metal in the best of ways. Its kind of interesting that I review both this and Twilightning the same week, where it shows what I consider the decline of one band and the birth (well as far as I'm concerned) of another band in the same category playing a pretty similar type of metal (melodic Hard Rock meets Power Metal) if we compare this album and with Twilightning debut album. This is apparently their second album; Waterlines is quite a surprise and I will definitely look to find out the band's debut album and probably review it as well.

If you like bands like Edguy, Helloween, Stratovarius and the such, then you will probably want to check out Excalion. This band has panache and are able to write really great songs, with great hooks, awesome vocals (great range and awesome high pitch screams) and memorable choruses from start to end. Excalion is the kind of band that delivers the type of melodies that brings your mood up and make you want to sing or whistle along, and headbang at the same time. Its not the more original band you ever heard, but they deliver perfectly enjoyable Melodic Power Metal songs and I couldn't care less if they didn't invent the wheel, not when the execution is so flawlessly achieved. Its been a while since I've heard a new melodic Power Metal band that made such a good impression from the very first listens (last was Blood Bound). Majestic guitar melodies, great catchy vocal melodies, great riffs and interesting solos, a tight and greatly produced overall sound and great songs throughout the entire album is what makes Waterlines such a satisfying listening experience. There is no big surprise throughout the album (except maybe the ultra-killer song Arriving as the Dark, which you can also hear in Finnish as the European bonus track, called Yövartio and the last track of the album; Both version are simply out of this world), but a steady streams of great songs throughout with no bad or filler songs. My favorite things about Excalion are the great melodies and the awesome vocals being delivered.

A nice surprise, and one more bands that rises over the huge sea that is the Power Metal category. One that makes an impression from the first listens, and one that I'm looking forward to follow in the years to come. A great album, melodically pleasing offering. Two thumbs up Excalion !

Killing Songs :
Arriving As The Dark (& Yövartio), The Wingman, Life On Fire, Losing Time & Ivory Tower.
Chris quoted 82 / 100
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