Blackmore's Night - Fires At Midnight
Ritchie goes folk
16 songs (67'45)
Release year: 2001
Reviewed by Paul

Ritchie Blackmore (Deep Purple, Rainbow, Blackmore's Night) is THE guitar reference for all the Europeans and of course Japanese. He's is in the market since over four decades and wrote some big big hard rock anthems. But these times are gone and Ritchie Blackmore's Night's style goes from classical, Irish folk to old rock. The band is made of the combination of Richie Blackmore and Candice Night which not only share the same stage but also the same bed in life.

There is nothing much more to say about Mr. Blackmore, but a lot about Candice's voice: crystal clear and very similar to Maggie Reilly (Mike Oldfield). The style of Blackmore's Night is pretty close to the period of 1983 and 1984 where Mike Oldfield had a huge success with Discovery and Crises (by the time with Simon Philipps as drummer).

All Because Of You could be the new Moonlight Shadow the big hit in 1983. Village On The Sand sounds like old Jethro Tull. The Times They Are Changing (Bob Dylan) sounds like I Got You Babe from Cher. So kind of something made for old timers...

In fact some songs on this cd a really nice. But if you want something wilder get some old Deep Purple, by the time the master's hands were playing huge rock hymns.And please don't listen to this cd while your driving because you probably fall asleep and shouldn't come back Home Again...

So for all those who also heard the rumours about a Rainbow reunion with Ronnie James Dio will have to wait a bit longer. After the night comes the daylight after the daylight comes the sun, after the sun comes the rain, after the rain comes the sun again and somewhere in between a Rainbow...

Killing Songs :
Written In The Stars, Crowning Of The King, All Because Of You
Paul quoted 65 / 100
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