Aborym - Fire Walk With Us
Scarlet Records
Black Metal
9 songs (51'30)
Release year: 2001
Aborym, Scarlet Records
Reviewed by Danny
Crap of the month

There are too many black metal bands out there nowadays (like for the true metal style … and the whole metal scene actually) and unfortunately for the fans, very few have talent out there. Of course, not everyone is able to write black metal hymn like Immortal, Emperor, Dimmu Borgir or Dark Throne.

Talent is something you have … but it also comes naturally like magic when the right musicians are together. Somehow even the musicians cannot explain how it arrives … well this is what magic is all about.

Here unfortunately the big problem comes from the production. I am sure this guys have not digested their direct influence (Dimmu Borgir, Emperor) and their very few "new ideas" are totally spoiled by the production. I highly suggest you guys next time to hire a producer … and if that was the case on this one, to change for another one because your sound seems to come from so far away (and over the hills ;-) ).

Trying to sound futurist sometimes, trying to play an innovative black metal, trying … trying… trying. Unless you are a mega fan of black metal who buys everything and unless the production changes dramatically, I highly suggest to invest your money in the next Emperor ….

Killing Songs :
Danny quoted 20 / 100
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