Symphorce - Unrestricted
AFM Records
Power Metal
10 songs (40:47)
Release year: 2010
Symphorce, AFM Records
Reviewed by Jaime
Power metal, my former love. When did you become so neutered and soulless? When judging a power metal band I tend to use something I call "The Ecliptica Scale". It's a little outdated, and going by what I've heard from it Stratovarius's new album will probably take its place, but the way it works is simple: When it comes to power metal albums I judge them on how long it takes for me to want to listen to Sonata Arctica's Ecliptica instead. It is amazingly effective and accurate when gauging bands. Take for example, Symphorce. The first notes of the first track The Eternal are, normally, enough for me to expand my frisbee collection and stick on the Finns. It's so.. dull. I honestly can't remember anything that happened in it or the second track Until It's Over, which by the way is probably the most suitable title I've heard. Sorrow In our Hearts has a bit of a different riff which would be alright if they didn't milk it for the whole damned song. The vocals have that sort of greasy swagger that glam rock bands tend to utilize. Whatever Hurts comes in with this little organ bit that's mixed way way too high. When that's the only bit I really remember about the song you know that there's not much to look forward to. The solo's not even that good. Finally we come to something a little different with The Waking Hour. The synth leads the song, and it works as a little inoffensive 80's throwback song. Visions continues the bands onslaught of generic, unimaginitive songwriting and playing that will gently prod you into a mild sense of boredom and annoyance. Then there's the drum machine part which'll pound it into you with that little repetitive synth line that runs through the song getting its time to shine by being push up in the mix. The Last Decision shows a little promise by not sounding like balls. It's a bit more aggressive than the rest (not a hard thing to do, I've had farts that are more aggressive than this album) and the actual production sounds a little different here which helps the band's sound. And it's not completely dull to listen to. I think the band are trying to be serious on The Mindless by using samples from news reports about 9/11, but given the fact that they've probably repeated the same song with different lyrics about 6 times now it's a little hard to keep a straight face. This is also the longest track on the album and I don't think the drummer changes his drum pattern on the album beyond separating it with some fills, because it's really noticeable here that nothing interesting is going on with that guy. Couldn't they have at least spiked his drink with Red Bull and make him change things up a little? Jebus. The last two songs sound exactly like the rest of the songs except the two that don't fail horribly and I really can't be arsed complaining about this album any more as I've put more effort than I'd have liked into it. Calling an album like this Unrestricted is a ballsy move.

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Killing Songs :
The Last Decision
Jaime quoted 45 / 100
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