Symphorce - Godspeed
Metal Blade
Melodic Heavy and Aggressive Power Metal
11 songs (41'52)
Release year: 2005
Symphorce, Metal Blade
Reviewed by Marty
Godspeed marks the fifth release from this German power metal band and it continues with the more "modern" and aggressive metal approach that was first seen on Symphorce's last album Twice Second. Previous efforts were much more typical European power metal and it's great to see band in that genre branching out and offering something that's a little different. Vocalist Andy Franck (Brainstorm) and company have once again delivered another very solid and heavy power metal album that's totally devoid of any of the cheesiness, speedy tempos and big soaring choruses that is so typical of most European power metal bands. It is possible to create a very heavy album and still maintain a great sense of melody. Just take a look at bands like Nevermore, Angel Dust and Evergrey and you will see textbook examples of just how to do that.

After a quick intro, things get underway with Everlasting Time, a very heavy track that introduces us to the sort of catchy vocal melodies that's found throughout the album. Combining the heaviness of Nevermore with the melodic sense of Angel Dust, Andy Franck offers a very Warrel Dane (Nevermore) like vocal delivery and combined with the same sort of modern metal edge of Nevermore, it all gels very nicely to give us a killer opening track. Tracks like No Shelter, The Haunting and The Mirrored Room also offer up the Nevermore style of ultra heavy metal yet with a passionate and melodic edge. The more modern metal riffing approach comes through with Black Water and Your Cold Embrace with both of these tracks featuring darker and more atmospheric overtones. The faster and charging power metal styles of tracks like Wounds Will last Within and Without A Trace offer a up a healthy dose of energy complete with flurries of double bass drumming with Without A Trace having a slight progressive edge with thematic riff breaks and tasteful lead guitar harmonies. Chunky and "groovy" heavy power metal is the style of The Mirrored Room and Symphorce explores the more dynamic side of power metal with tracks like Nowhere and Crawling Walls For You. Nowhere mixes clean guitar harmonies with heavier and melodic segments and the great soaring vocal by Andy has Angel Dust all over it. This track is a perfect blend of emotion, heaviness ands melody and is easily one of the best tracks on the album.

Although riding the coat tails of Nevermore and Angel Dust a little too strongly sometimes, Symphorce offers up their brand of very heavy and modern sounding power metal with Godspeed that's never short on melodic hooks, great vocals and a certain "catchiness" that's not normally found with power metal that's as heavy as this. I notice a few influences from bands like Evergrey and Sentenced and some thrash metal influences with the riffs and drumming styles creeps through once in a while. This is an album to crank up and revel in the awesome sense of melody in the face of the crushing heaviness of it all. Fans of Nevermore and Angel Dust are almost certain to like this album and it's pretty much a blind buy. Although not quite as good as their last effort Twice Second (just my opinion though), this is still an outstanding effort from Symphorce and one that every fan of the heavier and more aggressive aspects of power metal should not be without.

Killing Songs :
Everlasting Time, Nowhere, Wounds Will last Within and Crawling Walls For You
Marty quoted 86 / 100
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