Love Like Blood - Chronology Of A Love-Affair (1985-1990-1995-2000)
Hall Of Sermon
Gothic Metal
18 songs (78'17)
Release year: 2000
Love Like Blood, Hall Of Sermon
Reviewed by Chris

This release is a bit old but since I started listening to it lately I felt like reviewing it. This is a nice concept album made of covers songs interpreted by Love Like Blood. The variety of bands covered include : The Cure, Paradise Lost, Tiamat, Marilyn Manson, Lacrimosa, Type O Negative, Christian Death, Joy Division and many many more (also including one Love Like Blood song). The CD, brought here as a novel have a nice running time of more than 78 minutes !

Love Like Blood plays a nice, almost pop-like Gothic metal with some cool riffs and a very nice general atmosphere. The guitars marry perfectly with the keyboards, which are without any doubt the key to the mystical nice atmosphere. The vocals are quite common for Gothic Metal and are something that could still be improved, but maybe it's just me who finds that Gothic metal tends to repeat itself vocal-wise and that most bands tends to sounds like Depeche Mode. I have nothing against that, but for the sake of originality I would prefer some more variety in the vocals for that particular metal style (of course they are bands that sounds different, but too many tend to sound the same). Anyway, what I found really interesting is that the "novel" covers songs from 1980 til 2000, and even if the songs evolved a lot and are from different sources and metal style, Love Like Blood managed to make it sound like an album with an unity in the sound and the overall is really a very enjoyable Gothic release.

If you like the above mentioned bands and Gothic metal, then this one is definitely for you. For the others, if you like Gothic in general I suggest you check it out as it's an excellent release.

Killing Songs :
They're all pretty cool actually ;).
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