Comma - Elusive Dreams
Hammer Muzik
Prog Metal with some Power elements
9 songs (50'30)
Release year: 2001
Hammer Muzik
Reviewed by Chris
Surprise of the month

Comma is a Prog Metal band coming from Turkey. Highly inspired from Dream Theater this band manages to bring a very good personality into their songs while staying true to the inventors and masters of the category.

Very impressive album. You can feel the Dream Theater touch flows in these guys blood. But far from being a copycat band, they manages to be truly original in their songwriting. The vocals (reminding me some Gothic Metal acts) are pretty good and although I believe the singer still need to improve, he already have a great voice which fits Comma's music like a glove. The album contains excellent prog killer songs like the opening title Clown, Never Betray or the excellents Cradle Of My Dreams, Testimony Within (what a riff on that song my friends !!!!) and the concluding track Mask Of Silence. Comma demonstrates a very good musicianship throughout their album and in every part. Drums are precise, original and fresh, while guitars really bears the DT legacy and the keyboards are perfectly merged into the overall sound spectrum to add a very deep atmosphere. Jumping from one tempo to another, with cool breaks, style changes, Comma seems to master the progressive transitions in their music in a very original and welcomed way. Some nice power metal moments add a special plus to some songs and is more than welcome. The songs last from 5 to 8 minutes and are never too long which is good thing as prog metal can sometimes contain too long songs. The production is quite good with a clear sound and a very nice work for the mix part.

For all prog fans : a very, very good surprise from this band Comma, which I have no doubts will make a lot of noise in the Prog Metal community. Compared to the very disappointing Symphony X album this Elusive Dreams brings new blood as well as a new challenger in that style. Congratulations !

Killing Songs :
Clown, Never Betray, Cradle Of My Dreams, Testimony Within.Solid Trance (instr.), Mask Of Silence.
Chris quoted 84 / 100
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