Carnical In Coal - Fear Not
Season Of Mist
Melpot Violent Metal
10 songs (45'40)
Release year: 2001
Season Of Mist
Reviewed by Danny

1995 saw the birth of Carnival In Coal. Arno Strobl (vocals, lyrics) and Axel Wursthorn (song-writing, production and spaced-out sounds) are two French musicians, who are playing an unbelievable crazy music.

Between violence, surrealism, sick humor, genius rhythm and "unmixable" music styles, Carnival In Coal has gained maturity since their first shot (Vivalavida). The potential is still enormous and this album confirms us a more mature song-writing, stamping for good their "crazy" metal style with nine songs, each of them being totally separated one another.

If you have never heard to Carnival In Coal, I suggest you start by listening to Cadillac (surrealistic electronic black metal song mixed with pondering neo-thrash riffs). The mixing of electronic sounds, piano, violins and other samples is well done, but sometime it is too much for the listener. This melpot metal will pleased the fans out there who are looking for new sound and new ground.

For sure, Fear Not is the kind of record you like or you hate.
For sure, Fear Not is a very personal approach of the ... metal music.
For sure, Fear Not is a bit crazy ... but instead recreating the same music again, Carnival in Coal opens new paths ! With or without you ?

Killing Songs :
Danny quoted 78 / 100
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