Jacobs Dream - Theater Of War
MetalBlade Records
Power Metal
9 songs (45'00)
Release year: 2001
Jacobs Dream, MetalBlade Records
Reviewed by Danny

Here comes the new chapter of Jacobs Dream. Believe it or not I was excited when I opened the promo because after their excellent self-titled release (last year), I was wondering if it was possible for them to reiterate such a performance again.

Theater Of Wars continues were the previous record left us. The main difference coming from the lineup, which is not the same. Jacobs Dream have passed from three guitars to two and have also a new drummer who plays much heavier compare to its predecessor.

With such a cover art (whooawww !!!) you think : This one will blast my hear and my neck. In fact that was the right thought. Nothing has really changed : vocals are again marvelous (passing from Bruce Dickinson to Rick Mythiasin), song-writing even more mature and this time Jacobs Dream leave its footprint. Jacobs Dream sounds like ... Jacobs Dream ;-). A bit heavier, but also a bit slower and what was before technical has become more progressive (Iron Maiden's last record has already left a mark).

The music is brilliant and the sound is incredibly full (I am just a bit frustrated with the production which seems a little bit "trapped"). It's technical, progressive, powerful and simple at the same time. Of course, many melodies will remind you Iron Maiden or first Queensryche, but it is all fantastic and musicians performance is a fabulous one. Each song on this album has something to offer and they awakened my 80s classical metal heart. Special mention to the instrumental track De Machica Est Deo.

Jacobs Dream offers a new approach to progressive power metal and I am sure that Theater Of War will find it's way to the CD-Player of many fans. A bit too linear for my taste but still a must for power metal fans out there.

Killing Songs :
Sanctuary, Theater Of War & De Machica Est Deo
Danny quoted 85 / 100
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