Journey - Arrival
Melodic Rock
14 songs (67'30)
Release year: 2001
Reviewed by Danny
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Welcome back to Journey. New lineup again ... but who cares. Welcome back !

With Arrival, Journey is back in business with its typical elements of their most classic lineup. The results is a fourteen - track (Japan only) set of absolutely pop-rock greatness. Arrival is a killer : wonderful vocals, melodic keyboards, typical riff and perfect catchy song structures and arrangements inducing pure flying delight on every listen.

Evoking the best of late eighties US hard-rock (Poison, Ratt, Dare) while being much smoother and quiet, Journey delivers the nostalgia lessons. First song, Higher Place, is the kind of song that will hunted you ... even if you have only listen to it once. And what can I say of third track, Signs Of Life : actually I can't say anything as you have to discover by your own this unbelievable song !!!

And it goes on and on from the first track to the last one. I repeat myself here, but what a lesson of Perfection with capital P.
Can you believe this record is in Japan since six month now : Lucky you !!!

It doesn't take much listening to realize that Arrival is a masterpiece and Journey are pop-rock practitioners of the highest order. If you are a fan of that type of music, listening to Arrival becomes obviously an unbelievable moment of freedom and joy. Arrival is really a special record which is not to be missed.

Killing Songs :
The whole cd is a killer
Danny quoted 95 / 100
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