Insania (Stockholm) - Sunrise In Riverland
No Fashion Records
True Metal (Hymns)
12 songs (61'23)
Release year: 2001
Insania, No Fashion Records
Reviewed by Chris

Insania have found an interesting recipe, here's the ingredients list :

A lot of Stratovarius,
spice it up with some Edguy,
and add a little dash of Rhapsody ...

And what you get from all that ? Well, you'll get Insania's last album (no, not Metal pudding, you fool !). Which by the way is a very nice metal release, filled with hymns like the name of the bands would suggest. The first one (The Land Of The Wintersun) being a killer, blasting the last Rhapsody miles away. (Rhapsowho ? Ah... you mean those metal fighters of the parallel universe where lives winged unicorns that fight evil with their holy thunderforce and with their holy friends the dragons... Oh, and I almost forgot the trolls... you know these little fellas that dance in the dark while you guys try to get some well earned sleep... goddamn creatures... heard anti-cockroach spray is having a good effect on those bastards. By the way, did someone found my Emerald Sword yet ? ... nope ? too bad I thought I'd lost it somewhere near that place where the dragons are singing over the fire, drinking a bit too much Heineken and farting like pigs !!! :) ).

Okay enough with 1st of April jokes (who said Britney boobs ?), lets get back to this cool album. What's sure is that Insania made a huge progress since their previous album, they finally got the production they deserve and unleashed an album that will please every True Metal fan I'm sure. There are 12 tracks and there all very good, except maybe for the easy ballad Angels In The Sky (what's with everyone to put ballads btw? At least make it a good one). Anyway, fairly good vocals (although that's an area they could still improve), excellent production, good riffs, easy but catchy melodies and very nice double solos (guitars, keyboards, then guitars again... very nice !). The weaknesses of the album would have to be that it lacks originality (its not far from Stratovarius copycat sometimes, or at least its heavily inspired) and also tends to repeat itself (the whole record sounds like one big hymn). Aside from that you get full raw power and melodic music for more than 60 minutes !

For all True Metal fans, if you like the above bands (or ingredients.... whatever) then this one is a blind buy for you !

Killing Songs :
All but the ballad.
Chris quoted 85 / 100
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