Entwine - Fatal Design
Spinefarm Records
Gothic Metal
10 songs (42:07)
Release year: 2006
Entwine, Spinefarm Records
Reviewed by Joe
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"Fatal Design presents a new, heavier Entwine - a band that makes goth go one step further" reads the press statement for Finnish gothic metallists Entwine's 5th full length effort Fatal Design. So is this a brand new, heavier Entwine that makes goth go one step further I hear you ask? Well...no, not exactly, the music is fairly similar to that displayed on their previous release DiEversity and nothing new in the gothic metal genre. That said, that doesn't stop it from being a damn good album. It's hard to say if it's heavier, the guitars certainly appear to be mixed louder and perhaps there are a few more downtuned riffs and atomic breakdowns thrown in hither and thither, but despite what the record companies say, it's the same Entwine we're used to...and that's a very good thing indeed. To be honest, I'd have to flip a coin to decide which one I like more out of this release and DiEversity. They both have great, catchy songs, everyone performs well, the production is flawless. So after much deliberation I'm gonna suggest it's JUST as good as their previous.

Fatal Design does seem slightly more mature than previous releases, albeit a tad more pop metal sounding at times. Vocalist Mika Tauriainen's combination of soothing, aggressive, and melodic singing styles are a great boon to the albums over all sound. The album doesn't feel as "gothic" sounding as their previous albums and is no way near the doom and gloom normally present in terms of lyrics and the general feel of the album. I guess Mika Tauriainen is still keeping that aspect alive with his fantastic other band ShamRain, so maybe a change of scenery is perfect for Entwine. All songs are great, well written tunes, the single Surrender is easily the best from the album and is more of a hint to their earlier work. There are some nice suprises thrown around the album as well. Twisted starts out quite pop/punk like but then swiftly changes into a much heavier song with even some death growls in the background which work very well. The closer Curtained Life is a great end to the album and a tad longer than the other tracks, but it really does close precedings well. No need to go into too much depth about the particular songs, if you like Entwine before then you'll love this, if you didn't love Entwine before then you wont like this. Oh and if you enjoyed the song Break Me from the Sliver EP then its good news cos it's on here as well, bit strange to put it on here as well but as it's a fantastic song I'm not too bothered.

They've certainly matured just that little bit. Pop sounding at times, heavy at times, gothic/moody at times but fantastic all the way through.

Killing Songs :
Fatal Design, Chameleon Halo, Surrender, Break Me
Joe quoted 82 / 100
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