Entwine - Dieversity
Century Media
Gothic Rock/Metal
11 songs (42:57)
Release year: 2004
Entwine, Century Media
Reviewed by Jay

I discovered Entwine after their last release, Time of Despair. I thoroughly enjoyed that album since it mixed great elements of metal, goth and 80’s synth music. It was a welcome and refreshing addition to the summer of 2002 and ended up being one of my favorite discs from that year. Entwine has returned with a new album which is pretty much completely on par with their last. In terms of creativity and originality, there is little change. The depressive themes that are ever-present in there music is in the same vein of many other Finnish bands.

One welcome change is the removal of the almost rave style keyboard that was featured on the last album. The keyboard work of Riita Heikkonen is much more refined and supportive of the music instead of functioning as an atmospheric addition. She has certainly progressed as a player and this is evidenced on several tracks like “Nothing’s Forever,” “Bleeding for the Cure” and “Six Feet Down Below.” Aksu Hanttu has developed some additional skills behind the kit. Double bass was never really featured on an Entwine release until now. We get a few passages that are benefited by this additional weapon in the metal musician’s arsenal. The guitar work is more simplistic than the last album especially when noting the absence of defined solos. While several intros and outros have interesting guitar lines however many of them are smothered in delays and other effects. The true stand out metal solo is one element missing from this album but that is only a minor quibble.

It is hard to stand out in this particular sector of metal at the moment with so much good competition. For My Pain, To/Die/For, Lullacry, and Poisonblack among others all had decent offerings recently but this new release from Entwine manages to hold its own. The first single “Bittersweet” is kind of non-descript but again this is what sells nowadays so Entwine should have a good shot at success in their native Finland (their last single, “The Pit” reached number 2 on the national charts). One of the more standout songs on this album is “Six Feet Down Below” which has a keyboard part reminiscent of 10,000 Maniacs' “Because the Night.” The bass line is standard but somehow manages to draw you seamlessly from the verse to the chorus where Heikkonen’s keyboards come back in and recapture your ears. This album has much more of a modern rock feel to it than the last release did. Time of Despair was a deep 80’s throwback at points but this feels much more accessible and easier to get into for a wide audience. That is not a criticism since the album is strong but a small portion of the kitsch factor of the band is lost. “Bleeding for the Cure” certainly showcases interesting keyboard staccato and has a much more eerie feeling to it that the remainder of the music. It is one of the stronger songs on the disc and a job well done by the band.

If you are a fan of the Finnish sound, there is little you will not like about this. Strong, thick layers of guitars, keyboards and the almost trademarked vocal style are unmistakably mixed to perfection. Just put the disc in your player and allow the depression to begin.

Killing Songs :
Six Feet Down Below, Bleeding for the Cure, Lost Within
Jay quoted 80 / 100
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