Pink Cream 69 - In10sity
Frontiers Records
Melodic Hard Rock
13 songs (58:25)
Release year: 2007
Pink Cream 69, Frontiers Records
Reviewed by Mike

As the album title pretty much states, this is PC69's tenth studio album. With the exception of David Readman's first two albums with the band (Change and Food For Thought), the current incarnation of PC69 have really been on a tear since Electrified. The current string of mighty PC69 albums has surpassed the short, but still excellent Andi Deris era of the band. In10sity continues this string of solid melodic hard rock albums, just as fans of the band have come to expect. Those of you familiar with the early PC69 albums will surely notice that the artwork for this album is very similar to that of the debut. That does correspond to shift in the band's sound to the good ol' days of the band's beginnings.

With Thunderdome, PC69 incorporated some darker and moody elements into their sound. In10sity sees those elements go back to the shelves in favor of a more upbeat, straightforward melodic rock album. Stylistically, this album is similar to Electrified and to a degree, the first two PC69 albums. The final product doesn't surpass the almighty Electrified album, but I have to say that I like where the band is right now. Thunderdome was a good album, one that I enjoy very much, but not quite in line with the true PC69 sound. It's nice to hear the band come full circle, yet still sound fresh at the same time!

In10sity features a steady stream of hard edged melodic rock songs with catchy chorus lines, layered harmony vocals, and memorable hooks. The attitude and vibe of the songs in clearly 80's - early 90's melodic hard rock, yet the sonics of the album are very contemporary. Dennis Ward continues to show that he is an under recognized bassist with his tight, but forceful playing. Furthermore, the production of the album in general is very slick and precise. Having said all that, it's hard to draw a link to the band's older work in terms of actual sound quality. The true link and "coming full circle" that I refer to is stylistic in nature. Simply put, PC69 have taken their recipe from yesterday and made it very palatable, relevant, and even fresh nearly two decades later. One element of the band's sound during the Readman era that does separate it from the Deris years is the harder edge to the sound. This remains true of In10sity, although the general attitude of this album clicks more with the early PC69 albums. Each of the songs feature heavy and crunchy riffs, some heavier that others. Children of the Dawn, Stop This Madness, and Out of This World are among the heavier cuts of the album that push the envelopes toward melodic metal territory. Unlike early PC69 albums that were chock full of over the top melodies hitting you with the first listen, In10sity offers songs that have a bit more to chew on in terms of musicianship. As a result, the melodies and hooks really hit you like a sledgehammer after about the third listen. On another note, Dennis Readman's voice has help up remarkably well despite PC69's very active status over the past few years, and his numerous appearances in other projects. He can still venture into the higher range with ease, yet does not make the mistake of going too high. His melodic delivery combined with smooth and powerful qualities are a perfect match for this music.

As expected, PC69 deliver another solid album right on queue. Since the release of Electrified, the band had become a very reliable workhouse in terms of delivering first rate melodic hard rock. The return in style to a more classic PC69 vibe is refreshing, as the band manages not to repeat themselves or sound tired.

Killing Songs :
Children of the Dawn, I'm Not Afraid, Stop This Madness, Out of This World
Mike quoted 84 / 100
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