Pink Cream 69 - Pink Cream 69
Sony Music
Melodic Hard Rock
13 songs (51'38)
Release year: 1989
Pink Cream 69, Sony Music
Reviewed by Ben
Archive review

At the very least a historical album, Pink Cream 69 is the first appearance by a man named Andi Deris, (who is in my top three of personal favorite singers) that would go on to front the legendary Power Metallers Helloween. To me though, this is much more than that, this is the beginning of a great Melodic Hard Rock band, that through the years and several stylistic changes, have grown to be one of my favorite groups, and this is where it all began. It is almost amusing and endearing to come back and listen to this self titled album as it is hugely different than their current era. Listening to this conveys images of eighties excess and many of the tracks are silly, nonchalant party songs. Hearing Andi Deris sing lines such as “I’ll make your temperature rise, I’ll heat you out of ice so c’mon baby, do it right” was a hoot seeing as I had only been familiar with his work in Helloween. After that initial shock though, I began to give this album a thorough listen and I quickly began to enjoy the fun party atmosphere that emanates throughout the duration of this disc.

Take Those Tears is a decent opener, not the best I have heard and certainly not the best song on the album, but it does have the essential Pink Cream 69 elements to it. Sugar for Love is where things really start to happen for me and despite the stupid title this is one of the best tracks on here. It is loud, it is catchy, and it is fun. One Step Into Paradise is almost an epic type of song for this band. It has a dark yet melodic atmosphere to it which is surprising for a band of this nature. The guitar is picked frantically to create a vibrating type of effect throughout the verses before it explodes into a stirring chord progression in the chorus. Andi really shines here, going from low to high with ease. No wonder these guys decided to give this song the go around again in 2000. Welcome the Night is pure sleazy sex rock with insipid lyrics and a riff that just oozes with sexual energy. As far as ballads go there are a few good ones here, Close Your Eyes, sounds like it could have fit in on Come in From the Rain if the words baby were taken out and the synth was removed. Child of Sorrows is a bit more forceful but its a ballad nonetheless.

For a debut this is pretty solid and although it is far from perfect it is still a nice listen. The progression in terms of each musician is evident with each release that proceeds this, and even before Deris left to go to Helloween, his performance on Games People Play is much more refined and mature than it is on here. A humble beginning, but by no means an embarrassing one.

Killing Songs :
Sugar for Love, One Step Into Paradise, Welcome the Night
Ben quoted 75 / 100
Jeff quoted 80 / 100
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