Angra - Aurora Consurgens
Melodic Power/Progressive Metal
10 songs (49:13)
Release year: 2006
Angra, SPV
Reviewed by Andrew
Angra ... where can I even begin? Releasing their debut album - Angels Cry - all the way back in 1993, long before power metal had any sort of merit in even the underground circles, the Brazilians have since become one of the genre's most evolved, complex and respectable bands. Going through some rather significant line-up changes after their sophomore effort (1998's Fireworks), Angra was faced with both a doubting media and fan-base as the guitarists parted ways with their rhythm section and vocalist Andre Matos. Although assuredly opinions shall vary greatly from person to person, I think that this was the best thing to ever happen to Angra, for Rebirth (their "come-back" album with the new line-up) stands as not only a milestone for the band but also for the genre, offering something complex, enlightening and more musically proficient than nearly any other band dwelling within the melodic metal realm ... and, as fate would seem to have it, Angra has since grown to greater heights, forever showcasing their identity whilst always progressing, leading us up to their latest offering, Aurora Consurgens.

Being composed of one of the best guitar teams, rhythm sections and vocalists metal has to offer the world, it's no surprise that the material on Angra's 2006 offering, Aurora Consurgens, is of up-most quality. Launching off the album with The Course Of Nature, the album's first e-single, fans will immediately notice some variances in Angra's well-known aesthetic ... namely the bombastic (though classy) heaviness present throughout the album's duration. The Course Of Nature and Ego Painted Grey, for example, are easily two of the heaviest things the band has done, yet somehow are all of the identifiable Angra elements in tact whilst the band explores completely new moods and emotions through music ... it's quite astounding, and really goes to show you that the chemistry these guys have together is phenomenal. Oh, by the way, don't worry thinking the band has lost any of their melodicism ... numbers such as Salvation: Suicide and The Voice Commanding You are some of the band's most melodic material to date, containing more guitar licks than a millipede's legs.

The musicianship on Aurora Consurgens is simply unbelievable; the interplay between guitarists Rafael Bittencourt and Kiko Loureiro is pure legendry ... just listen to Window To Nowhere and witness how well they compliment each other amidst the solo-section - another Murray/Smith on our hands? ... I think so! As if Angra's guitar team wasn't enough, the rhythm section consisting of Aquiles Priester (drums) and Felipe Andreoli (bass) is what I'd consider to be flawless ... Aquiles is completely amazing, taking what could be done with simple patterns (i.e. the standard double-bass, power metal beat) and transforming them into something ten times as complex ... the flow this man has is insane. Last, but definitely not least, comes Mr. Edu Falaschi, Angra's vocalist. I always remember the first time I watched the Rebirth World Tour DVD, seeing Edu in the beginning giving a thumbs-up and a smile before the show, thinking to myself "This has to be one of the most spirited vocalists ever," and, sure enough, his voices resounds with exactly just that - spirit ...

... aye, spirit. I think if I were to describe the band with one word, spirit would assuredly be it ... there is something magical in these Brazilians, a sort of long-lost passion, cascading throughout their music ... it seems the "Nova Era" is nigh, and how splendid it is!
Killing Songs :
Ego Painted Gray, The Voice Commanding You, Salvation: Suicide, Abandoned Fate ... all of them, honestly.
Andrew quoted 95 / 100
Jason quoted 83 / 100
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