Axel Rudi Pell - The Wizards Chosen Few
Melodic Heavy Metal "à la Axel"
Disc 1: 10 songs (74'38) Disc 2: 9 songs (75'47)
Release year: 2000
Axel Rudi Pell, SPV
Reviewed by Chris

Well, a best of... how strange, I mean that's got to be a surprise huh ?

So, aside the fact that Axel likes best offs, what does this one to offer apart the ridiculous still purple perfect cover art (no offense, the drawing rocks) that looks like the 5 last albums of the maestro ? Again good luck when you pick the album in a hurry (5 bucks says you don't get the one you aimed for). Well aside that detail the illustration is very good and is made by the same guy who now take care of Rhapsody's artcover and maybe future comics Marc Klinnert.

Well, fortunately for all fan the best-of contains ALOT of cool stuff, live moments, rare tracks, and 2 new studio tracks.I do have a bad news though, I had to go into the booklet to find out which ones were the new tracks since I couldn't identify them from the rest... and imagine that the VERY first track is new and I honestly couldn't tell. I'm sorry but that is sad... My god it's like the past 5 years Axel wrote a 150 minutes long single song... okay the melodies are cool and catchy, the production rocks and the guy knows how to put a good riffs and some pretty good solos... but also let's admit that he haven't changed his style a bit and that he turns in circle.

I was a great fan of Axel once. I guess it all went away a couple of albums ago... Somehow I got bored of hearing the same tunes over and over again.

Even so I'd say that this is an excellent best of, probably the best you could put together... that is if unlike me you haven't got bored of this band yet (solo project might be more accurate though). In that case you might very well get the perfect item to put into your collection and this one is a blind buy for die hard fans, no questions asked. The packaging is really nice and both CDs are full ! Giving you more than 150 minutes of Axel (I knew that song was really long :) ).

As for myself, I think I said it before, Axel should maybe accept ideas from the musicians he hires, just to get something new out there... but this is just a humble advice.

Killing Songs :
Pretty much everything
Chris quoted no quote
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