Edenbridge - Sunrise In Eden
Massacre Records
Very Melodic Metal
9 songs (52'45)
Release year: 2000
Edenbridge, Massacre Records
Reviewed by Marc
Surprise of the month

It came from Austria... no that's not Schwarzenegger but the first Edenbridge record: Sunrise In Eden. Edenbridge is one of the rare heavy-metal bands with a female singer.

I'm sure that the voice of Sabine Edelsbacher will please fans of Nightwish for example, although she doesn't sing in opera style like Tarja. Nowadays female singers are common in gothic music, but Edenbridge isn't gothic. In fact the music is very "positive" and joyful, and could very well come from Eden indeed. I might even say that it's easy to like it at the first listening and even people who are not fond of metal might like it. The melodies gave me a little feeling of deja-vu but this isn't a drawback, it's just the way they mix a lot of different influences. The rythm guitar has a very heavy sound but is mixed at roughly equal level with keyboards and the result is never agressive. The lead part is very good with a lot of impressive solos (melodic with a lot of reverb to create that heavenly feeling). On the keyboard side, besides the intensive use of pads there are some harpsichord parts for a little neo-classical touch.

Even more incredible, one guy (Lanvall) only is playing all the guitars AND the keyboard AND writes all the songs. Well done! And according to their website biography he's a Star Trek fan (that alone should be worth 10 more points for this album, but I digress).

This is a debut album and there are still improvements to be made in some areas. The production is good but could be better, some songs could be improved but for a debut album it's excellent. I'm looking forward to their next productions and wouldn't be surprised if one of their next releases is an "album of the month". If you like Nightwish, or melodic metal I recommend this album.

Killing Songs :
Holy Fire, Cheyenne Spirit, Sunrise In Eden
Marc quoted 82 / 100
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