Millenium - Hourglass
Frontiers Records
Rock'N'Roll Metal with some progressive elements
10 songs (45'51)
Release year: 2000
Frontiers Records
Reviewed by Chris

First thought when the album begins, did I put the right album in the player... for a moment there I thought I had put a Firehouse album. Soon enough I realize it's not the case, and that the omnipresent metal riffs tells me that this is no Firehouse. Nice first song, very melodic, extremly catchy and powerful chorus, the kind you don't forget any day soon. Too bad that the track includes a too long piano break, especially when it's played this way : too prog for me. But the solo then followed by the choruses puts everything back into places.

The singer is quite good, he likes to sing in Rock'n'Roll styles, with some screamy parts. All and all the first song is quite an achievement, although the melody is catchy, the writing must be underlined here since it goes into many different moments and atmosphere alterning from fast to slow moments.

The best way to describe Millenium (I'm starting to hate all Millenium related songs and bands' names ! Millenium here, millenium there, and don't get my started with y2k songs ! :) ) music would be progressive Rockin' tunes I guess ! Anyway it's rockin' all over the place at all kinds of pace (slow, mid and fast !).

As for vocals, they're very good. The voice founds some similarities with David Coverdale, and for some unknown reasons I heard many people with such voices lately... anyway. Strong rockin' vocals for a good Hard Rock, sometimes Rockin sometimes progressive but always melodic. Guitars are quite nice, the sound of the guitar itself used on some of the solos though may be too high pitched and tend to get annoying if you already have a bad day. But that's a detail cause if birds are singing and you didn't crash your car against a wall you wouldn't mind :).

So the album will make you rock all the way, with some very catchy, sometimes "cliché" choruses. Boring moments are only a few, like "I Will Follow" that is too much a bluesy song for me.

The production is very good and fits the album like a glove. This one is more rockin' than the precedent opus, but still I have a preference for Anglefire.

Although they didn't really invent Rock'N'Roll here, they certainly did do this album with their hearts and out of fun it would seems. That is according to the positive energy that emenates from the songs. For all Rock'N'Roll fans I guess. But if you're open minded, then check it out, it won't bite you.

Killing Songs :
Power To Love, Hourglass, Rocket Ride, Chasing Time
Chris quoted 77 / 100
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