Millenium - Reincarnations
Lynx Records
Soft Melodic Rock
9 songs (59'34)
Release year: 2002
Reviewed by Ben

This is the hardest cd I have reviewed yet. It can be very excellent melodic rock, or it can be the most excruiciating listen you have ever had. The first time I popped this cd into my cd player I was coming home from work at 1 AM and almost fell asleep at the wheel and ran off the road. I thought "God this cd is horrible, why am I reviewing this?" Then a few days later I dug it out and put it in my stereo at home and sat back to relax and Ill be damned if it wasnt a hell of alot better than I remembered . Reincarnations is a disc that requires the listener to be in a certain mood and it must be paid attention to, it is not background music or music to get yourself energized for the day. If this criteria is met then you are in for an enjoyable pleasant listening experience. If not then well youre most likely gonna hate this cd. (this of course is assuming you are a fan of mainly fast or heavier music as this cd is not heavy in the least, should have explained that earlier)

Reincarnations is a soft melodic rock cd. This means theres hardly any distortion, the singing is quite laid back, smooth and very well done. Keys are laid here and there giving an atmospheric feeling to many of the songs. Highlights for me include Light of Your Cigar, The Casino of Love, and the only song that might be considered a straight forward rocker Higher Than Me. This song has some good thumping bass lines that make it stand out and the fifteen minute plus Casino of Love is an epic that has some excellently placed keyboards and some very good solos in it. Theres some somwhat funky type bass beats here but nothing overtly distracting.


This is a short review but it sums up what this cd is perfectly. It is an above average disc that is comprised of soft melodic rock. If you are a fan of soft rock then youll love this cd otherwise you will probably hate it unless you listen to it under the above mentioned conditions. A definite try before you buy.

Killing Songs :
Casino of Love, Higher than Me, Light of Your Cigar
Ben quoted 56 / 100
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