Easy Rider - Evilution
Locomotive Music
Power/Prog Metal
12 songs (45'30)
Release year: 2000
Locomotive Music
Reviewed by Danny

After the bombastic Spanish record from Tierra Santa, Easy Rider, another Spanish bands, is releasing this year their third record. Easy Rider's style is really different from Tierra Santa : heavy/power/prog and lyrics are in English.

10 years of experience, two previous albums and constant efforts improving and enhancing themselves as musicians, this record is very mature. The singer (inspired by Bruce Dickinson and Halford) is really good, with an incredible range and versatility, giving lots of nuances whenever he wants. Every instrument has its own important role on this album : from drums & bass playing the solid rock rhythm on which two guitarist are fighting each other (lots of technique but never boring).

However, I am a bit disappointed on the chorus side. I think Easy Rider could have been much more creative and epic in their chorus melodies. This album has a strong progressive touch with lots of mid tempos. Evolution ? Evilution ! Nothing evil here, but an impressive band who knows how to play technical power/prog metal music.

Musically I can't really compared them directly to any other band (even though Iron Maiden seems to be their influence) and I think it is a good point for Easy Rider. Many plays are required to fully appreciate this record and I am sure it will please all power/prog fans out there. I am also sure that if these guys concentrate their efforts on killing and epic chorus, a new heavy metal band would rise. Finally, congratulations for the excellent cover art.

Killing Songs :
Danny quoted 77 / 100
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