Insan3 - Insanity Through Nightmares
Senicase Productions
9 songs ()
Release year: 2005
Reviewed by Jason

Hailing from Quebec, Insan3 are a group of young musicians playing a brand of fairly standard melodeath. Though my reviews tend to be longer, there just isn’t much to say about this band aside from mentioning this is their debut album and that it bears a standard sound that brings to mind what Lamb of God, Kreator and Dark Tranquillity would sound like if they got together and hadn’t matured musically yet. The vocals bear a resemblance to those of Lamb of God and the music has a thrashy sound with the odd lackluster solo here and there. Each of the nine tracks are fairly similar in sound since the drummer relentlessly beats on his bass drum throughout the album at a constant pace and the riffs and vocals sound as if they were following the tempo of a metronome. While structure is a positive thing, being able to clap to every song with little tempo change-up can indeed get very boring. Another thing that should mention is that although I really don’t mind francophone vocals (which one song is sung in), I do mind really bad clear vocals. The reason I point this out is because although the singers in Insan3 are fairly good at the whole aggressive vocals thing, they should really lay off the clear sung vocals, or get singing lessons if they wish to continue serenading their audiences. The clear sung vocals only in a few of the tracks but have exceptional presence in the francophone track titled Absurde Realite.

Though my sentiments with regard to this album are predominately negative, they aren’t wholly so. This is the group’s first CD and they are also fairly young, so when compared to the likes of an evolving metal scene with well-known bands that have distanced themselves from delivering only simple heavy riffs, double pedals, and aggressive vocals, one cannot expect an album such as Insan3’s to receive endless hails. Keeping into consideration that all the members are in their very early 20’s and that the group sounds tight despite the metronome-ish sound, the possibility of a killer album can be reality in the future.

Killing Songs :
Khaos i'd say is the most killer
Jason quoted 55 / 100
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