Kreator - Enemy Of God
12 songs (56.06)
Release year: 2005
Kreator, SPV
Reviewed by Aleksie
Major event
All hail king Mille! Bow down before the godfather of euro-thrash who has assembled his crew to churn out another tastier-and-meaner-than-thou dish of thrashing excellence. Gone are the larger experimentations of the 90s and back is the good old 80s feeling that was brought back with the previous offering, Violent Revolution.

The biggest notion that hit me with Enemy Of God was its extremely high old school-factor - not only on the trademark thrash riffing, but also with the machine gun-like double bass flurries, Priestish double guitar harmonies and the biting-yet raw guitar sounds. Milles voice is still in fine form and he is still able to scream with the best of them.

This album is basically a stupendous thrill ride to anyone who digs the more extreme sides of 80s metal. Youve got the massively aggressive thrashterpieces that demand moshpits galore (Enemy Of God, Impossible Brutality, World Anarchy, Suicide Terrorist); guitarfests that burn with magnificent riffs, leads and harmonizing melodies (Under A Total Blackened Sky, The Ancient Plague, When Death Takes Its Dominion) and tunes that also mix in some mellow atmospheric moments (Dying Race Apocalypse, Voices Of The Dead, with the latter serving up one of the best choruses in Kreators career). Some progressive tempo elements are even displayed in some songs, which does differentiate this album from the bands earlier work. Ventor Reil beats his skins up like a hurricane but still maintaining the taste of not going overboard. Sami Yli-Sirniö shows brilliantly why he was a good choice for the lead guitarist spot with his searing lead work. The album is rounded up nicely with the strong, ear-crushing production, which is thankfully left raw enough to compliment the angry attitude of the material.

The old warhorses still have it, my friends. This record is like a microcosm of good 80s metal with modern sounds to boot them up. This is thrash metal 101 added with excellent Maiden-like melodies, hooks and catchy choruses to spare. If you like 80s metal, be it thrash, death or more traditional melodic stuff, you should love Enemy Of God. I know I do, and I know already that this disc will appear on the top spots of my Best Of list, come 2006.

Holy shit, its this good and were only starting January. If this only gets better, the metal is really gonna scorch this year. Rejoice, brothers and sisters!

Killing Songs :
Its all killing, its Kreator for cripes´ sake!!!
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