Thyrfing - Urkraft
Hammerheart Records
Vicking Metal
12 songs (60'00)
Release year: 2000
Thyrfing, Hammerheart Records
Reviewed by Danny

Yes, this CD is a bit disappointing. I say this because I like quite much this type of metal. I was hoping for a Hammerfall's Vicking Metal and that's exactly what is inside. But getting past this, Thyrfing has nothing new to offer. Even worst, this is a very VERY bad copy paste of all metal styles : heavy, true and black metal. The copy paste is so "enormous" that Urkraft seems to have been built around one single riff. No surprise at all and you almost know in advance what will come next.

What a shame! Well ... we all do mistakes in life and we are all suffering ups and downs. I am sure Thyrfing will correct this with their next album, but this time guys, don't forget to add some "talent, passion & magic". Thanks.

Killing Songs :
Danny quoted 60 / 100
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