Thyrfing - Vansinnesvisor
Hammerheart Records
Viking Metal
8 songs (42'58)
Release year: 2002
Thyrfing, Hammerheart Records
Reviewed by Jack
This time I promised myself not to be disappointed. A couple of years ago when the band released their third album Urkraft, I was really disappointed. I had been so impressed and hooked on Valdr Galga that instead of Urkraft I expected Valdr Galga Part 2. Nonetheless, I enjoy this album a lot now and I consider it to be their finest work to date. So now that Thyrfing are releasing their fourth effort, Vansinnesvisor, I know I will have to listen to it several times before judging it. This band has never suffered from any line up changes except for adding a second guitarist and might be why the band is getting better with each new release.

Thyrfing still plays their Viking metal with folk and symphonic influences and their music is carried by this epic feeling and medieval melodies that enrich their music. The music on this release is not as fast and brutal as their previous works, and I have noticed more varying song writing styles giving more maturity in their sound. Their stuff is getting more doomy and catchy than before, also bringing out their folk influences as never before. The music is more guitar driven and the keyboards are less predominant than their previous material although they are playing a vital role in the creation of the overall atmosphere. Song tempos are not fast-paced anymore, almost all tempos are mid-paced and I just have to close my eyes to feel some great reminiscences of Bathory's viking era. They have definitely learned how to use folk melodies to create great melodic hymns, establishing an impressive collection of rousing viking metal tunes.

Thyrfing, as with many other viking oriented metal bands, use either English or Swedish, but do not ask me to give you any translation of the song titles since I am not familiar with Swedish. Guest vocalist Toni Kocmut is again providing great clean, chanting vocals and some very strong melodic lines that break the monotonous raw singing of Mr. Väänänen. In my opinion, those are the best vocals out there for Viking metal and they fit the new melodic musical direction of the band better.

This is the second time, after their self titled debut, that they didn't record at Abyss Studios. But don't worry, as the production is stronger and clearer than ever before. Daniel Bergstrand and Örjan Örnkloo at Dug-Out Productions have done a great job. With such great recordings, Mr. Tägtgren can keep Abyss Studio closed.

Killing Songs :
Ångestens Högborg, The Giants Laughter, Kaos Återkomst, Världsspegeln
Jack quoted 85 / 100
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