God Dethroned - The Lair Of The White Worm
Metal Blade
Death/Thrash Metal
9 songs (40'00)
Release year: 2004
God Dethroned, Metal Blade
Reviewed by Danny

I was not a big death metal fan until Ravenous crossed my road. This album changed my view about death metal. Since then I am expecting each new God Dethroned album apprehensively. The new album - The Lair Of The White Worm - will hit the street on 15 November 2004 and I am glad Metal Blade sends us the promo so early ... as I am all but patient.

Once again, God Dethroned release a killer album where heavy, thrash, death are unleashed. The melodies flowed from everywhere : most of the time the songs are very catchy (yes!) as the guitar's rhythm play the first role. I was hooked instantaneously by the fast track Arch Enemy Spain which is furious and melodic at the same time. The drummer is a monster on Arch Enemy Spain while the rhythm section is fast as a bullet. I must agree that God Dethroned doesn’t bring anything new into the world of metal with this release but they prove once again that they can write (& play) intelligent music. If only these lyrics were not dealing with Satan and religions ...

I also like Stigma Enigma, a "mid-tempo" heavy track where the grind God Dethroned trademark has been left behind, leaving the place to an epic Iron Maiden ambiance. The title track - The Lair Of The White Worm - sees the return of fast guitars, vicious riffs, aggressive tempo, reminding you master Slayer. Actually, the whole album reminds me Tom Araya & Co, particularly the fast songs. Rusty Nails - another mid-tempo like Stigma Enigma - send you back to Iron Maiden "epic wind". Last Tip Of Spit reminds me Running Wild, considering the "speedy" and melodic guitars in the back. An excellent track as far as I am concerned ... but you know I am a die-hard Running Wild fan :).

The vocals are more and more clear on The Lair Of The White Worm. There no doubt Henri Sattler is saying something that needs to be heard and understood. On the other hand, God Dethroned released good stuff since 1997 but they continue to navigate in the underground zone. I know death metal is not - and never will be - a mainstream music but being satanic today when you got such a good music skill remains a paradox for me. Being satanic was a fashion and helped some bands out there. However, it hasn't help God Dethroned so far. Time has come to think about it, no ?

After the first spin, I was ready to put a high score for this Lair Of The White Worm, but the more I listen to it, the less it top their previous albums (Ravenous & Into The Lungs Of Hell). Die hard fans would argue that Tony Laureano (Nile’s drummer) is the missing link between the excellent Ravenous and the last two albums but I simply believe God Dethroned entered in the "déja-vu" territory where Slayer comes too many times in the mind of the listener. While God Dethroned was climbing in the ranks among the top three or four elite bands of the death metal squad after Ravenous, this release leaves me an unfinished taste.

The Lair Of The White Worm will satisfy God Dethroned fans .. and that's it.

Killing Songs :
Arch Enemy Spain, Last Tip Of Spit
Danny quoted 80 / 100
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