God Dethroned - Into The Lungs Of Hell
MetalBlade Records
Death/Thrash Metal
8 songs (37'20)
Release year: 2003
God Dethroned, MetalBlade Records
Reviewed by Danny
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"Into the Lungs of Hell is our most socially critic album to date. I guess everybody nowadays has been confronted with all the terrorist attacks everywhere around the world in the name of some kind of "God". Maybe some of us forgot about the crusades about 2000 years ago, but the backgrounds were more or less the same… Religion. God Dethroned's background has always been to show the "other" way of thinking when it comes to the bible and it's interpretation of it. This time we more or less registrated "the facts". Especially the songs "Soul Sweeper" and "Gods of Terror" deal with this. The other songs more or less speak for themselves." God Dethroned - Henri Sattler, vocals, guitar.

As I've alluded to in my previous review, God Dethroned plays a ravenous death metal music. Their previous album was f***ing brilliant, but before you consider listening Into The Lungs Of Hell, you really have to ask yourself : Is there any sense to deliver blasphemy lyrics in 2003 ?!?! Let me doubt it.

God Dethroned ... the name speaks from itself : the defiance to the God - any kind of God. Remember the Bloody Blasphemy cover-art. Whether these guys are serious about this whole antichrist-theme or not ... it sounds as funny as Stryper - the white metal band of the 80's - that was the "other way" of thinking Mr Henri Sattler !!!. Don't worry my friends, I won't bother you more on the lyrics or the antichrist topic because God Dethroned got something that overrides their devil image - their music. Thanks God ... oooops :)

So let's speak about the music, about God Dethroned's music. Fast, heavy, crushing bones, melodic ... or should I say "viciously melodic", the Dutch band delivers again a fantastic assault album. Songs like Enemy Of The State, Slaughtering The Faithful, Soul Sweeper demonstrate the balance between the Swedish death metal sound - yeah, that's the new element in their recipe - and their typical death/thrash sound : cruelty, alternation of guttural & angry vocals - making them acceptable and feeding the music instead of detracting from it - and of course, these vicious guitar riffs. If you like blast beat-drumming, you have also here another reason to buy this record.

No piece of mind, no ballad, no melodic death stuff. Here, there is just a triumphant death fury balanced by some heavy stuff : Into The Lungs Of Hells, The Tombstone. God Dethroned proves again with Into The Lungs Of Hells they desire to express the hate, the gate of hell, the punishment, the violence of our society. Is it just God Dethroned's point of view ... or the sad reality of this world ? In either case, their music does perfectly the job : waking up our souls !!!

What a fast, ravenous & somehow catchy Death Metal as their songs stick in our mind in no time and the vision of hell appears in front of you. If you are into death/thrash metal music, this one must be in your collection. Trust me.

Killing Songs :
Enemy Of The State !!!!!!!
Danny quoted 95 / 100
Jeff quoted 88 / 100
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