MD45 - The craving (remixed and remastered)
Capitol Records Inc.
Punk o' Megadeth
14 songs (51'46)
Release year: 2004
MD45, Capitol Records Inc.
Reviewed by Jack

When Dave Mustaine released that side-project album in 1996, I was listening to Megadeth again (refer to my review of Countdown To Extinction), enjoying their two latest releases very much. I was pretty excited that he would do a solo project since I expected him to return to the roots of speed metal. Alas for me, he first stated in an interview that this would be more a punk orientated album and secondly that he would not sing on the album. I checked the album out but really disliked the voice of original vocalist Lee Ving and decided not to buy it.

Now that Dave Mustaine decided to remix and remaster this album along with Megadeth's back catalogue, and that he would resing the vocals himself because he said he couldn't find the original recordings because the recording of the vocals had been done in another studio, which we learned since closed, and also because all the droogies out there wanted him to sing on this album, I had no choice but to get it. Yeah, after all, it sounds just like an appetizer to the new album, The System Has Failed, that I will unfortunately not have the chance to review it myself... but it's good to see Mustaine back into business.

The Craving isn't a Megadeth album and doesn't sound like a Megadeth album for the most part, that's probably why Mustaine kept the band's name instead of turning it into a semi official Megadeth album. This record is filled with punk influences (Fight Hate, My Town, Voices)and sounds like a kind of modern semi punk album, semi speed metal album, but Mustaine being the only guy on board credited with all the music credits, you hear the Megadeth touches all throught the album. Chase out the natural and it will return galloping. Some of the songs indeed have this very typical Megadeth touch like for instance The Day The Music Died that seems to come right out of the No More Mr Nice Guy recording sessions. The Creed , No Pain and Roadman are probably the songs that are the closest to Megadeth and certainly the best on that album. I cannot compare this remixed and remastered edition with the original release and I don't especially want to anyway, but it certainly doesn't rank among my top Megadeth album. It remains some cool stuff worth checking out, whether you're a Megadeth fan or not.

As for the bonuses, Chutney is an outtake from the recording sessions that never got put on record til this day. The lyrics in this song are made up from Hell's Motel and The Creed. The backwards lyrics is "to dust I return again" from The Creed, slowed down and backwards. The Segue is an instrumental song that is just a glimpse of the fun that they were having during the recording of this album. The Creed (Megadeth demo) is a version done by the line up of Megadeth that recorded Countdown To Extinction before Mustaine decided to make this record on his own. Not only is the arrangements different, but also the lyrics. This song would have fitted well on Countdown To Extinction or Youthanasia.

Since those remixed and remastered are available for a special price, if you don't own some of those albums, especially this one, why hesitate ? It is certainly not what Mustaine has done best in his career, but if you want to own them all, that's the right opportunity.

Killing Songs :
The Day The Music Died, The Creed, Roadman
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