Megadeth - Risk (remixed and remastered)
Capitol Records Inc.
Megadeth metal (remixed and remastered)
15 songs (66'47)
Release year: 2004
Megadeth, Capitol Records Inc.
Reviewed by Jack

Risk is the only album that I decided to buy off the newly remixed and remastered Megadeth albums. First of all, I own all of the original albums, as well as a couple of singles, thus I don't really need to get those reissues. To put is straight, I didn't like Risk at all. Dave Mustaine took a risk when he released his 8th album, but on the contrary of Metallica with the black album, that was risky too, it didn't pay off at all and I bet Risk is probably Megadeth's worst selling ever. I decided to take a risk myself and give this album a second chance as Mustaine said he gave this album a second youth. Sort of.

Insomnia still gives me insomnia as it's one of the worst Megadeth song ever and is to be considered as a filler track and not an opening track. I wish Mustaine had changed the track listing for this reissue. Risk still has a bunch of good tracks though, but nothing really outstanding for Megadeth. Prince Of Darkness has indeed a couple of killing riffs as well as a catchy chorus and might well be the best song on this album. Enter The Arena is a prologue for the song Crush'Em which must remain a killer song for all those who watch catch on television (or it might have been ice hockey or whatever). This song is a killer tune indeed, but I just can't consider it as being part of this album. It's just as if Mustain had added 99 Ways To Die or No More Mr. Nice Guy onto a regular record. It just doesn't make no sense as those songs can live by themself and that's the case with Crush'Em. Movies soundtrack or whatever. Breadline remains this very entertaining song that if it were to be played live on stage the crowd might want to sing along, but it's not the case as the band doesn't even bother to play it. The Doctor Is Calling is a weird song, because when I listened to it for the first time I really disliked it, but after each listen I sort of find out the wealthness in it. I'll Be There sounds like a déja-vu (or in this case a déjà-entendu), not from the band itself, but rather from a pop band. Not bad, but it doesn't bring anything to the album. Wanderlust is a typical Megadeth mellow mid-tempo track in the veins of other songs off Youthanasia and Cryptic Writings. Ecstasy and Seven are just average tracks that no-one would ever like to see the band play on stage as it has nothing to bring to a live set. Time: The Beginning and Time: The End are the worst filler tracks ever and make you feel like you want to shut down the record before it comes to an end.

All in all, I don't really hear or see the difference between the original recording and this new remixed and remastered edition, except for the artwork which I like quite a lot and that's probably why I took this risk. The production still has this weak guitar and drums sound and thus Risk might remain forever the weakest Megadeth album. After all, no songs off this album appear on Rude Awakening and if I remember well, the track listing of this live album had been chosen by the fans themselves. I am trying to give Risk some more times because it might be what this album needs to become the chef-d'oeuvre Dave Mustaine wanted it to be.

As for the bonuses, they are nothing but alternate mix and definitely not interesting or worth the money for this reissue. I wish Mustaine and Capitol Records Inc. had the guts instead to release the original records of Capitol Punishment. That would have been fun and worth the money.

Killing Songs :
Prince Of Darkness, Crush'Em, Breadline, The Doctor Is Calling
Jack quoted 65 / 100
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