Messiah's Kiss - Metal
80's Heavy Metal
14 songs (54'37)
Release year: 2004
Messiah's Kiss, SPV
Reviewed by Danny
Surprise of the month

After the excellent Feinstein, here comes the new Messiah's Kiss. Metal is the second record from these Germans heavy metalers. Back in 2002, Prayer For The Dying (first album) made a surprise, triggering a "standing ovation" from the European metal press. We had the chance to see Messiah's Kiss playing live at Wacken 2002 (that was a great show). As I like to say, the second album is always a trap ... especially when the spotlight is on you. I must admit I was a bit worry for their new album. Could the band reiterated the performance of the first record ? Well, not only they did it ... but this one is even better. Metal Until We Die !!!!!

I discovered Messiah's Kiss via their vocalist, Mike Tirelli (Holy Mother). As I wrote on Prayer For The Dying review, this vocalist oscillates between the vocals of little dragon (Ronnie James Dio) and the metal God (Halford). Pretty impressive no ? And when the songs are as good as they are on Metal, the vocalist turns out to be even better. The influences here are very simple : Judas Priest, Running Wild and Manowar. Here comes the 80's again.

The fast opener - Uncaging Rebellion - reminds you immediately Judas Priest, while Mike demonstrates (confirms) he is one of the best heavy metal singer these days. The guitar solos and the melodies send you back to Running Wild. That's the kind of opener that plugs the listener for a while. Believer, with its Hammerfall chorus, validates the song-writing quality of Metal so far (I really like the bass solo on Believer). But the best song of the album is knocking my speakers : Metal 'Til We Die. Congratulation guys as this is so far the best heavy metal song of the year. Manowar himself could not do better !!! Yes my dear friends, this is the kind of hymn all heavy metal bands would dig for. Messiah's Kiss did it :)

The other focus are Hell Or Victory (between Iron Maiden and Judas Priest), Angels (ringing the bell of Freedom Call ), Holy Waters (manowarish once again), Run And Hide (with its rock 'n' roll touch), Road To Exxtasy (great chorus), Blackhawk (a magnificent heavy mid-tempo track) and The Edge Of Eternity (with its military tempo reminding you again Running Wild). The last track will help you to fight undesirable thieves in the middle of the night ;)

Metal is a great gunshot from Messiah's Kiss. Two thumbs up !!!

Killing Songs :
Metal 'til we Die !!!!!!!!!
Danny quoted 84 / 100
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