Messiah's Kiss - Prayer For The Dying
Heavy Metal From The 80's
12 songs (48'45)
Release year: 2002
Messiah's Kiss, SPV
Reviewed by Danny
Surprise of the month

If you are a fan of Accept, Judas Priest or Primal Fear, you must check this band as soon as you can - release date is scheduled for the 26.08.2002.

First, let's talk about Mike Tirelli, the American vocalist. It took me sometime to "spot" him : the guy is (was ?) the singer of Holy Mother, a band sounding very much like Judas Priest (I can't tell you if this band still exist today). Mike is a wonderful vocalist oscillating between the vocals of little dragon (Dio) and the metal God (Halford) ... well well well, a kind of perfect clone. Ha!, I am so happy to hear Mike again.

As I told you, the song writing reminds me Accept and except Mike, all other musicians are German - this could explain why Messiah's Kiss sound very much like the famous German heavy metal band. Now if you allow me to compare Holy Mother and Messiah's Kiss, I would rather say that these songs are more mature, more personal. Even though the direct influence of Accept/Judas Priest makes no doubt - unless you are deaf - this band has much more talent. A great potential that needs to be confirmed with the next records ... as Holy Mother, which also released a wonderful album, has fallen quickly just after.

Blood, Sweat & Tears or Reign Of Fire are the potential "singles". Thunderball, with its Hammerfall guitar tempo, is also a wonderful song, but Messiah's Kiss has nothing to do with the true metal wave. Night Comes Down sees Mike Tirelli delivering a Dio vocal lesson ... a song coming straight from Holy Diver (Dio first album). Mortal Sin, with its speedy guitar tempo, reminds me Primal Fear. Last track, Blood Of The Kings, is a galloping Running Wild song and Prayer For the Dying is a hell of a good heavy metal record. Two thumbs up !

And these guys will have the honor to open Wacken Open Air on 1st August 2002. Based on their debut album, this is a nice gift for the band ... but trust me, they deserve it. An excellent surprise. I am already dying to see the band on stage. What a nice start it's gonna be !!!

Killing Songs :
Reign Of Fire, Thunderball, Blood Of The Kings
Danny quoted 82 / 100
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