Crematory - Believe
Nuclear Blast
Gothic Metal
12 songs (43'00)
Release year: 2000
Crematory, Nuclear Blast
Reviewed by Danny

Excellent, really excellent. This Believe reminds me Kreator's Endorama (sound of guitars and song-writting), but a bit more electronic. The voice is as usual : guttural. This is the type of album you put in the CD-player without skipping any song. The only "bad point" is this similarities between the song where I didn't really know if I was listening to song 1 or 4.

The production is also excellent with crystal clear sound for each instrument (special mention for the keyboard "effects").This is one of the best production I have heard this year. If Crematory wasn't using guttural voice I could bet their music would have a big success on the radio. Don't misinterpret my words : this is metal, with excellent symphonic moments (piano, violin), but like the last Rage or Kreator's records, this is a "quieter" metal, full of atmospheric feelings. If you like gothic, check this one.

Killing Songs :
Endless, Eternal
Danny quoted 80 / 100
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